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Friday, March 2nd, 2018

As in “below the…”

In my office is a book called Building Below the Waterline by Gordon MacDonald. It is a book on leadership with its basic premise illustrated by the building of the Brooklyn Bridge.  The BB is still standing because care was taken to build a solid foundation below the waterline.  I have a driveway that has never been right since the day we moved into the house in 2006. It is made of thick concrete with a stark drop off. Whoever built it failed to taper it so that the entrance was a smooth one. Putting gravel at the end will do no good because gravel just goes to the side eventually. But I also found out just adding to it by tapering an edge would do no good. Whoever rebuilds the edge will need to dig down deep, pull out packed in dirt & gravel and do a new “foundation” for it to be built properly. That is on my “have-someone-to-do” list for this year.  Like the BB, my driveway would be “toast” because it was not properly built below the surface.

Having a proper foundation is absolutely essential.  Staying afloat in life is much like staying afloat in a ship. There needs to be the right amount “below the waterline” to weather storms and rough seas. The Christ-follower’s flotation device is prayer. A failure to have the proper foundation below the waterline of life will lead to ruin. My sermon this week is based on Hebrews 4:14-16 where Jesus is called our High Priest. There is so much there to see and learn! Thanks for your prayers.

And for you from OVCF who read this: remember we go back to two services this Sunday.