September 3rd, 2019 browsing by day



Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019

As you read this Jo & I should be sleeping away in a lodge in Seattle or onboard a cruise ship. We flew in late Monday night and will board the cruise ship for Alaska today. Because I will be on a much-needed vacation with my bride of 46 years, I am not taking my computer and despise blogging or doing any long correspondence on my phone, so I will not be coming around “these here parts” from Tuesday, September 3 through Wednesday, September 11. We get back really late Tuesday night so it is “iffy” whether I post anything on Wednesday.

Each day at Living in the Shadow (my other blog) I have scheduled what I am calling Vacation Scriptures to be thought about each day. I’d like to invite you to visit that site (just in case you missed me sooooo much you just had to hear what I had to say). Aaaaah yeah. 🙂

Jo and I would appreciate your prayers for a safe trip but more than that a restful and re-energizing trip.