February 27th, 2020

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Thursday, February 27th, 2020

Have you ever been to a Passion Play? I have. We visited some friends once who lived in Missouri. They took us to the “other side” of civilization to see a Passion Play in Arkansas. Fascinating!

But it sure seems strange to call something a Passion Play, given our current idea of passion. Until you know it derives from the Latin word which means suffering.  Then it makes total sense. It relates to the suffering and death of Jesus.

Can anyone deny the passion-the depth of being-involved in that death? The pain. The suffering. The agony. The resolute heart and mind. A conviction that led to His death and subsequent resurrection? *The controversy about who killed Jesus is marginal. He chose to die. The Father ordained it. He embraced it.*

Did you catch that? He embraced it. Ugly though it was. Painful though it was. Lonely though it was. He embraced His death. He embraced the passion of His life and death.

There are those who want to deny the crucifixion. I’ve been reading enough about that lately. They may grant that Jesus lived. It is hard to deny history. But they may say He never died (if they agree He lived). *But to deny Jesus was crucified is like the denial of the Holocaust.*  Unbelievable. I knew someone who did.  Respect for that individual ended. Wipe my hands of that nonsense.

During this Lenten season, think anew about the passion of Jesus.

Note: All statements made by John Piper are highlighted with an * outlining his statement. They come from his book The Passion of Jesus Christ.