Written by cycleguy on July 2nd, 2014

While working on a sermon for August (Theme: Transformation. Sermon title: From Water to Wine), I ran across this illustration. I have absolutely no intention of spending any time during the sermon on the debate “Was this fermented or unfermented wine?” To me, my purpose is to show the miracle. I refuse to get lost in that debate. (And frankly, does it really matter?)

A woman went with her church to Israel to visit the Holy Land. They visited Cana, where Jesus turned the water into wine. Upon arriving in Cana, she decided to haul a few bottles of the wine home, commemorating that significant place in biblical history.

Her church was more likely to think the miracle was Jesus turning the water into grape juice, and as a result she was somewhat uneasy about her purchase. So she tucked two bottle of Cana wine into her suitcase, stuffing them between dirty clothes and other souvenirs. She didn’t give it a second thought until airport security identified two bottles of liquid in her suitcase. “We’re going to need to open it up and see what they are,” they told her. With the whole church group surrounding her, she felt the weight of every eye. “Oh! Don’t worry,” she said. “Those are just bottles of water. Bottles of water!”

Her hopeless reasoning was unconvincing. “Ma’am, we understand, but we are going to need to open up your suitcase,” as he unzipped the bag. He pulled out the two bottles of wine and held them up for all to see. “Ma’am, this isn’t water; it’s wine.”

The lady didn’t miss a beat. She threw her hands in the air and proclaimed, “Praise the Lord! He did it again! Water into wine!”

You may have already known what was coming, but it is still humorous. And yes, I plan to use that story in my introduction that particular Sunday. With all the good stuff in that miracle, especially of Jesus showing His power, I can think of better things than arguing about wine vs. grape juice.

So…instead…I hope you had a good laugh…or at least a good chuckle on me today.

I also do not plan to post all weekend. I totally intend on enjoying my holiday. I suggest the same for you. Have a great


We don’t live in a perfect country, but we do live in the best. (Sorry I couldn’t red, white, and blue. Use your imagination). πŸ™‚


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  1. Hope you have a great 4th, too. As for the wine/grape juice debate–I agree. It’s far too silly to get into it. Our focus needs to be on Jesus in that story–not fermentation.

  2. the Old Adam says:

    Happy 4th, Bill!

    I’m with you…it doesn’t matter. (As long as one doesn’t mind not being faithful to what the text and context of Scripture actually says)

  3. Jeff says:

    There is a third option, which I believe. It wasn’t water into wine or grape juice. It was just a story someone made up and never really happened. I imagine airport security prefers my version.
    It is funny what lengths some go to to make the Bible stories fit what they want to believe though. Wine, grape juice or fiction?

  4. Daniel says:

    You gave a a chuckle with the typo on “bottle of wind”. Of course I knew what you meant and this is a funny story either way. Have a great weekend.

    • cycleguy says:

      Least I didn’t say “break wind.” I did make the correction in case someone is looking for it. Thanks Daniel. Have a great 4th.

  5. Awesome story. And any water Jesus turned into wine is probably something we should drink.

    • cycleguy says:

      Glad you liked it Larry. I’ve never had wine but I would say you may be right. Probably beats some of the water I have tasted.

  6. Betty Draper says:

    Happy fourth of July Bill.

  7. Meekly Seeking says:

    Funny about your typo because my first thought was, I wouldn’t care if he instantaneously turned it to air, I’d still love the miracle (though it wouldn’t have served the purpose for the wedding party).

    Wine, juice -words that may or may not be what we imagine. It is still stated clearly as a miracle by the witness writing about it.

    I also love the story about the little boy in Sunday school being taught by a teacher who didn’t believe the biblical accounts of miracles. He told her that HER version of the Israelites being able to cross the Red Sea because it was an extremely shallow spot was an even GREATER miracle due to the fact that God was able to drown Pharaoh’s entire army and horses in a few inches water. I like that kid (and yes, I realize that is more than likely a fictitious kid created by an imaginative person trying to get a point across. I STILL love that kid! πŸ™‚

    Everyone have a great, safe, and MEANINGFUL weekend. Sounds like that sermon will be off to a great start there when the week comes to use it. Keep it up.

    • cycleguy says:

      Thanks MS. And while it may be an imaginary kid, the story still sticks. Praying you have a safe and fantastic weekend also. thanks so much for commenting.

  8. floyd says:

    I saw that one coming from Arizona, Bill… but I liked it anyway!

    Happy Fourth to you and yours, brother.

    • cycleguy says:

      I could make a snarky comment about people from Arizona understanding jokes 9especially water jokes), but I will refrain. πŸ™‚ Hope you and your family have a fantastic day of celebration my friend.