Written by cycleguy on August 5th, 2014

I love watching children! Clarify: I love watching children during worship team practice.

We have some members of our worship team with young children. There are times they have this inexpressible joy while their dad or mom is playing or singing. Uninhibited. Two sisters “dancing” off to the side.

It is infectious. Lately, one of our worship team members made mention of the number of adults who are joining in the sheer joy of worship. I’m not talking about getting “out of hand” or uncontrollable. I’m not sure we would even know how to react if that did happen. 🙂 (Myself included). But I noticed it this past Sunday. We were gone for two Sundays while on vacation. The first Sunday, due to circumstances beyond our control (i can’t stop rain on Saturday) we missed attending that morning due to Braden having a game before we took off for Pigeon Forge. But the second Sunday we visited another church.


Maybe it was because I was gone, but the singing sounded “otherworldly.” It was almost as if we had touched heaven. Does that make sense? We started off with “Come Now is the Time to Worship.” There was a little anticipation in me during/after that song. But what really got me with its sheer joy and pleasure was singing this song. What an infectious song! People were excited and the buzz was electric. We even closed out with a hymn, “I Stand Amazed” that brought goose-bumps.

Sometimes you just gotta go away to realize what you have. I found that out in spades. Thank you OVCF worship team. You guys are deeply appreciated.

Have you heard the Josh Fox song? Does your church sing it? How is your joy these days?


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  1. Daniel says:

    I am glad that your energy levels were reset after your time away.

  2. Rodney Olsen says:

    I was preaching about the work of Compassion at a church on Sunday. As it was a day focussing on Compassion and its ministry of releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name, they had several children taking part in the worship team. It was wonderful to have children leading us all into worship.

  3. Dave Arnold says:

    Great post Bill. I too love watching children worship. My 4 year old son love the song 10,000 Thousand Reasons (Bless my Soul) and will even lift his hands when he hears it. So awesome.

  4. floyd says:

    Glad you didn’t go into the old Joni Mitchell song…

    I too appreciate those magical moments when a song ministers to our spirit so profoundly that it shows through on the outside via goosebumps and sometimes tears.

    I hadn’t heard that song, but I like it. I’m sure I’ll be singing it in church before long.

    • cycleguy says:

      Never was a joni Mitchell fan so don’t know what song you are talking about. 🙂 It is something special when God moves in our lives in such a way. if you aren’t singing it within 2 weeks I’d take it to the worship leader. 😛

  5. David says:

    Back when I played with a worship group there were some Sundays when it seemed that everyone and everything just “clicked” and the worship experience was truly awesome. Those were the times you felt truly humbled, yet privileged to be part of the worship group. There were even a few times the pastor just “tossed-out” the sermon and we worshipped for the entire service. Then there were other times worship was just plain flat. I think it had to do with the collective “heart condition” of the whole on any given day. Sometimes there are just too many people in the congregation and/or worship team not having a “good day”.

    I just listened to that Josh Fox song for the first time – good stuff. But since I haven’t darkened the door of a church for about 4 years now, I don’t know whether or not it’s being sung around these parts.

    … And the joy well? – Pretty much dry …

    • cycleguy says:

      I believe you are right David about the heart thing. Sounds like your pastor was sensitive to the Spirit’s leading. Sorry to hear about that latter paragraph. Anything I can do? As for the joy…only He can give you that. Take care my friend.

  6. Debbie says:

    I haven’t heard that song before, but loved it! Thank you, Pastor Bill, and so thankful for you sharing your joy with us! I try to get with God real quick when my joy is missing, and find out what is going on.

  7. Nancy says:

    We were just so overjoyed Jo, oh, and you were home! I think it was just a happy day last Sunday…. God was in the air!