Written by cycleguy on December 9th, 2014

This is not a post about “reason” in the sense of philosophically looking at things. I fall way short in that area. 🙂

This is about something else. I know what I am going to say may cause some to be hurt because they can think I am taking potshots at them. Please don’t take it that way. I know what you are saying. I really do. And what I am going to say is purely my opinion.

MY OPINION.  I know you didn’t ask for it, but….  🙂

So…here it is. I wish many things would change about Christmas, but there is one saying I wish we could somehow get a grip on.


I know this makes me a heretic in some eyes, but…I just don’t care for that saying. I know why people say it and use it. And I appreciate their sincerity.

But I don’t think it is correct.  Say what?

“Bill, don’t you know it is putting the emphasis on Jesus this Christmas season?”

Well, I know that is its intent. And it does in its own way. But that doesn’t make it correct.

Because you see He is not the reason for the season. WE ARE.

Jesus did not come to earth for Himself. He didn’t come to earth so He could make a big splash and change the world.

HE CAME TO THE EARTH BECAUSE OF ME AND YOU. We are the reason He came. He came because of sin, something He had no experience in. Our sin. it definitely wasn’t His which led Him to come down.

Without beating a dead horse, I like to say it a different way:


I’d like to hear your thoughts. No matter whether you agree or disagree. One more thing: this is not a battle I choose to fight either. I say nothing when someone greets me because I know they are just being kind.


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  1. Jeff says:

    I agree that some do not understand the reason for the season. I think reason would discount the mythology of Jesus and maybe just be satisfied with the philosophy of Jesus. I am OK with Jesus the philosopher. I just find Jesus the super hero to be a bit of a stretch to reason.

    • cycleguy says:

      Of course you knew I would disagree with this comment. 🙂 i don’t see Jesus as mythology nor do i see Him as a superhero. They both smack of blasphemy to me. I see Jesus as a real person…God in the flesh. I also see Him as much more than a superhero. A Savior yes. Much more. But thanks for your honesty Jeff. i would expect no less. 😉

  2. Kind of makes you really SEE the value people have. If Christ would leave Heaven for us, how much does He think of us?

  3. Hey, that’s a neat way of looking at it. “We are the reason; he gave the meaning.” Thanks, Bill. I was thinking about Christmas and advent at my site tonight too.

    Re your comment on my post “What the Mirror Can’t Tell You,” Bill,
    41 years?! Congratulations! Isn’t marriage a great thing? Hard work some days, but worth it.

    Have a nice week. Is it warm enough there to still cycle or not now?

    Jennifer Dougan

    • Hi, we just swapped sites simultaneously. How funny!

      Jennifer Dougan

      • cycleguy says:

        Thanks for the comment Jennifer. Glad I got you to thinking. 🙂 yes marriage is hard work and in some ways gets harder the further along you get. You two are still pups. LOL As per your question: I rode Monday. It rained on me about 1/2 way through but it was in the 30s so not too bad. I was also dressed right. I could ride this week if not for appointments. Doggone it I have to work! 😀

  4. Daniel says:

    I haven’t looked at it consciously like this before. I see your point, but I don’t get upset or raise a fuss when folks mention Jesus. Likely you don’t either (smiles).

  5. Jeff says:

    Blasphemy and sin are religious legal terms that have no meaning to me. Of course Jesus was accused of blasphemy by the religious legal enforcers of his day so I guess that puts me in pretty good company.

  6. Either way? I’m just beyond grateful.

    Thanks for making us think twice, Bill …

  7. I love your take on this, Bill! Indeed, Jesus came for our sake, not His.

  8. floyd says:

    I appreciate the deep thinking, BIll. I think even good Christian jingles after time begin to wear on folks. I think that speaking to the ultimate love shown in the sacrifice of the Father and Son say it best. This new jingle might catch on!

    • cycleguy says:

      I think you are right about things beginning to wear on people. I never want the ultimate love to wear. As for the latter? are there royalties available? 🙂

  9. Rick Dawson says:

    I love how you captured the truth about the reason for the celebration; the history of the holiday itself, and the time of year we celebrate is purely pagan, based on an attempt by Rome to wrest celebration of the winter solstice away from those who did celebrate it and impose Christianity on them – we are the reason, indeed. Ever grateful to have someone else put forward a simple truth into the hubris of the holiday. 🙂

  10. Deb Wolf says:

    Love this! I want to shout a huge AMEN! I know such sayings are intended to make their point quickly, but I think they confuse and lessen the truth of who God really is. I’d like to share this on this week’s Friday Around the Blogosphere post. Blessings!

  11. David Martini says:

    Never looked at Christmas that way, Bill. Thanks for the freshness!

  12. I’m reminded of a scripture, argh I can’t remember the exact wording or location – but something about how Christ came for the glory of the Father. Although he loved us, I think God’s glory was an even deeper foundational reason for Christ’s coming.