Written by cycleguy on January 5th, 2015

At the end of yesterday’s post, I said my next one would have a living, breathing example of grace shown to me over the weekend. I’m going to try to share that with you here.

During Christmas break (Christmas Eve day I think) I received a text from a young lady asking about a wedding in May. I knew I already had one scheduled for her desired weekend, so I suggested another weekend. Long story short: she was having trouble finding an open date at the venue she wanted.

Meanwhile, her fiance’ had talked to me months ago about wanting to be baptized so we decided to talk between services on Sunday, the 28th, about setting up an appointment to talk. We did…Saturday, January 3rd at 10:00.

Around Thursday, word was spreading about the possibility of nasty weather hitting early this week. Jo was planning on taking our grandson to Ohio after first service Sunday and return tomorrow (Tuesday). But I proposed we take him back Friday, stay the night and return Saturday. About 10:10 I received a text from Whitley saying they were almost there. OH NOOOOOO! I was on I-70 just west of Dayton, OH.

Strike 1

No way that was going to happen. So I called her and set up a 2:00 appointment. We started meeting and went through all the wedding talk when I got a text from a lady at the “Y” who attends OVCF: “There is a family here waiting for a baptism.” Say what? That is when Whitley kindly tells me the reason we met was not necessarily to talk about the wedding but the baptism.

Strike 2

So I switched gears, spent about 45 minutes talking salvation & baptism; led him in praying for salvation/her for recommitment; then made our way to the “Y” for the baptism.  I baptized Keifer and encouraged him to baptize his bride-to-be.

In all this comedy of errors (or is that victim of old age?) never once did they get upset or condemnatory.

2 Strikes. Grace applied. Mission accomplished. 🙂 I shared this story (a bit longer though) with the people Sunday when the couple came forward to receive their new Bibles and to be introduced. The people laughed.

You see, grace isn’t always God to us. Sometimes grace is us to us. I’m glad I received a living, breathing example of grace applied.  How about you?


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  1. Sometimes we are much harder on ourselves that others. We definitely need to give grace to ourselves.

  2. Don’t you just love how God works?

  3. Sharon says:

    If God was as stingy with grace as we sometimes seem to be with each other, NONE of us would be saved!!

    What a wonderful story, and so glad that all this worked out. Looks like their attitude was *proof* of what God was doing in their hearts!

    Grace – let’s pass it on!


    • cycleguy says:

      I agree Sharon. I’m glad God is much more grace-filled and merciful than I am. 🙂 It was exciting to see Him working in their hearts.

  4. the Old Adam says:

    Hi Bill.

    I’m not ALWAYS contrarian…but it is our Lutheran heritage to speak about what God does for us in our Baptisms.

    We instruct those that “God now saves you in your Baptism.” (1st Peter)

    We also teach that our commitments, or re-commitments don’t amount to anything where God is concerned. But that His commitment to us in our Baptizing us, is total…and can be counted upon…always.

    Yes…it’s radical. But it is the Lutheran difference. And it is biblical.

    It is why I are one….

    • cycleguy says:

      I know you aren’t always Stephen. Neither am I. 🙂 Since that is true, I will defer any comment due to the fact the post was not about baptism but about God’s grace shown to me through them. 😉

  5. Betty Draper says:

    How just like God to give you a living breathing example for your upcoming messages on grace. That His grace to you…beautiful…

  6. Daniel says:

    This one is spot on. Definitely a great post and one that we (namely me) can learn from.

  7. What a wonderful story of how God’s grace can shine upon us through the grace and kindness of others! Thank you for sharing, Bill!

  8. Kari Scare says:

    I definitely forget that God often (more often than not?) works through others to show us His love, grace and mercy. When someone extends these to me, I would do well to remember that God has just touched my life through another person. I also need to continually remember that He wants to use me that way too.

    • cycleguy says:

      It is easy to forget Kari. We tend to get focused on God working that we forget He can and often does use others. And what an important line your last one is.

  9. Ha, I wish I could be a fly on the wall for these conversations. I’m sure you all have a fun memory now.

  10. Grace to one another is so important! I can speak truth, but if the grace isn’t there, it’s harsh and hurtful. Grace is the oil that keeps the engine running smoothly. Great story and application, Bill. 🙂

  11. jeff says:

    I’m just being curious. I might not get it. Is the crux of this that you forgot you had an appointment and the people you had an appointment with didn’t get upset and that is what grace is?

    • cycleguy says:

      Grace is unmerited, undeserved favor. You, as a businessman, have surely seen people dismissed because of missed appointments or wrong focus. The couple chose to overlook my mess up and reschedule and then overlook my wrong focus to carry on with what they originally came for. So…yeah, that is grace (at least an example of grace in action). Now you see why I say we all need it?

  12. I’m not good at giving myself grace. Other people, I’m great at this. Not me. My husband keeps reminding me that I deserve it too. Thank you for this reminder today.

    • cycleguy says:

      You state a major problem many followers of Jesus have Kim: giving themselves grace. I give you permission to do so. LOL Listen to your husband first. 🙂