Written by cycleguy on February 8th, 2015

It goes without saying we will never understand all that happens.

A pastor in Ukraine and a “little sister” who watch their beloved country ravaged by Russian aggression.

A cyber friend who received “the diagnosis” this past week.

A husband who receives divorce papers because he decides to bring his Down Syndrome child home.  (Google it)

Another cyberland friend who faces life without his mother because of her recent death.

The list goes on. Child dies of cancer. Teenager with a full life ahead has it snuffed out by a drunk driver. A mother with three children trying to make it virtually on her own because her husband decides his next fix is more important than her and the three children.

Understand? Nope. Despairing? Could be…except for one big reason.


I also know for many that is not a comfort. We want a God with “skin on Him” not some far away fantasy. We want a God who is “physically” involved in our lives. We long for a God we can see, touch, taste, even smell. We long for a long-lasting and reassuring hug. We simply want a shoulder to lay our head on and cry. Sometimes we even want someone we can scream and yell at and punch. The first of those two we can do but the latter? Nah.

A couple of weeks ago I heard this song for the first time. I now have the CD which includes this song. I listened to it on the way to the office this morning (Sunday). Hope it helps as you consider your week ahead.


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  1. Ah … the older I get the less I understand and the more questions I have, Bill.

    But there is ONE who I still totally trust with my whole heart. I have to believe His heart, His word, His promises.

    I have no other choice. And in that I rest.

    • cycleguy says:

      Join the club Linda. Not knowing answers and being willing to admit it is a sign of maturity I think. I too trust the ONE who always keeps His promises.

  2. Zee says:

    That is our hope too – that everything is in God’s hands. It is tempting to blame politicians who seem to do nothing in order to solve this crisis, but in reality, they are only instruments in someone’s hands – either God or the enemy.

    And I also read the story about the dad and his son with special needs. Sad. But not without hope.

    • cycleguy says:

      We in America often have that difficulty Zee of not realizing politicians are not the answer. The state of our nation can and will only be saved by God. You are right…not without hope.

      • Zee says:

        It’s not just America. It’s all around… it is easier to blame someone you can see (even if you cannot touch them since you would be handcuffed by the guards) than take these questions to God you haven’t seen and trust that He’s got it all under control (when you cannot see any control)…

  3. Betty Draper says:

    Beautiful song Bill. I am up late due to a heavy on my heart. Perfect song to listen too. Thanks.

  4. I don’t really question things I don’t understand. I just believe we have a avid who is saving us from a fallen world.

  5. Daniel says:

    It seems like most days, reading the “news” just leaves me feeling ill. So much hatred, violence, unfairness, sickness, harsh words, bigotry, ego, … it is such a constant that marks our existence. What makes it worse is that my natural tendency is to see the worst in people and situations instead of trying to seek out the good.

    • cycleguy says:

      i seldom read the news any more Daniel. Just have better and more productive things to do. I’d suggest looking for one thing to find in a person and concentrate on that.

  6. These times of tragedy are so challenging. I just have to lean on what I know to be true. God loves me, God knows everything, he sees my pain, he has a purpose for this, he will work it for good. I just keep reminding myself of those truths and it tends to lighten the burden.
    I like that song, Bill – hadn’t heard that one yet either.

    • cycleguy says:

      They are challenging Loren. I think that is what makes it difficult at times to focus on what is true. But you are right…that is absolutely essential.

  7. David Rupert says:

    There are times when our pat answers don’t sound so comforting. Really, a lot of this stuff is just “life.” In a fallen world, things break, people die, and nonsense prevails.

    Just makes me trust God for the end even more.

    • cycleguy says:

      Pat answers and cliches are worthless I think David. You are right though: we live in a fallen world and things are going to break and fall apart. All the more reason to trust. Spot on.

  8. TC Avey says:

    Love Chris Tomlin…I’ll check out the video.

    Trials aren’t fun but God never promised us a “pass” on hard times, instead He promised He’d go with us through the pain. It’s during those times that we learn that He is enough. While the pain is ragging and the confusion rages it can be hard to trust that God is good and won’t let us go, but once we make it through the storm our faith is strengthened as we look back and see that God truly was there and that He never left us.
    At least this is my experience.

    • cycleguy says:

      i think one of the problems we do have TC is we have often been sold a bill of goods that we are supposed to have an easy time of it followers of Christ. God never wastes lessons.

  9. Pam says:

    We don’t understand, but we trust. We simply trust.

  10. Sharon says:

    Yes, Bill, our thoughts were similar today. Life is complicated, and our “why” questions can be insistent sometimes. But, in the end, there is really only one thing that I seek – The Answer. Knowing Him, the Lord of Everything, is the only Truth that brings me comfort from the storms.

  11. Deb Wolf says:

    Beautiful! No matter what happens . . . He is sovereign. Amen. Thanks for this!

  12. Oh, Bill, this is one of my absolute favorite praise songs, but you already knew that! 🙂
    When I see tragedy in the news or on-line, I remind myself that God’s got this in the end. The devil may be having his heyday at the moment, but that’s not how the story ends . . .
    Blessings, Bill!

    • cycleguy says:

      I remember hearing it and listening. Yours was the first time I had ever heard it. From them on I just wanted to have it. So me buying a CD is all your fault. 😛 The ultimate victory…

  13. Hadn’t heard this song, but yes, it’s a good one! Thanks Bill.

  14. Ceil says:

    Hi Bill! I have just come back to worship after some time off. It is such a comfort, and a great port of entry to prayer for me.
    I was not familiar with this song, although I do like Chris Tomlin. We all have emotions that stay in check, and then go raging out on their own, like a pack of dogs. How much we need each other, how much we need our faith.
    It is a great grace to remember who the Boss is around here, no matter what the circumstances.

    • cycleguy says:

      Funny you should say that first line Ceil. I am writing about that in my blog for tomorrow. it is true about our emotions being out of whack.

  15. Caleb Suko says:

    So much I don’t understand, I needed that song today. Thank you Bill!

    • cycleguy says:

      You’re welcome Caleb. The bombing yesterday is another reason I am sure for the lack of understanding. I’m glad is sovereign though.