Written by cycleguy on April 8th, 2015


Back in January I wrote this post about a book that radically changed my life. I know of one person who took the challenge to read the books and he reviewed them (but I can’t find it so help me out Daniel) .  Note: See Daniel’s comment for his link to WH. Anyway, in that post I mentioned the author of Wisdom Hunter and several other books (Randall Arthur) had also written one called 46 Stones. I know book reviews are not the most popular or welcomed kind of posts, but I finished the book today and wanted to tell you about it.

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46 Stones is subtitled Letting Go of Hurtful Notions, Tendencies, and Beliefs in the Evangelical Church. That is a long title to give a book but it is aptly subtitled. Randy takes 46 thoughts/teachings/dogma which “dog” the church and the teachings of Jesus. Many of them deal with legalism, public enemy #1 to Randy and many others like him (I will include myself to a certain extent).

Each chapter is short, no more than 3-4 pages. I actually read it during my Encounter Time in the morning. I wanted to get a “feel” for the book because my plan is to make my way through it a second time now-underlining and writing my thoughts about each stone in my Moleskine journal. To make it even more interesting, at the end of the 46th Stone, Randy includes his “story” of Wisdom Hunter-where he came from and how he came to write WH. He had told me much of the story but it was still fascinating to see it again.

This book will stand alone from the other four but one of two things will happen: you will either want to read WH first; or you will want to read it after reading 46 Stones. Take your pick. 🙂

As for me? I can’t wait to get back to reading and commenting in my journal. I hope some of you will join me.


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  1. floyd says:

    I’m with you on legalism, Bill. I’ll check out the book. Anyone ever told you you’d make a good salesman?

    • cycleguy says:

      I’m glad you will be checking out the book Floyd. My personality says I should be a natural born salesman. But I am not good at pressure. 🙂

  2. Daniel says:

    I definitely enjoyed the 4 books in the series featuring the character Jason Faircloth. My book reviews were featured on 10/5/12, 10/12/12, 10/19/12, and 11/16/12. The first, Wisdom Hunter, is located at: I will check out 46 stones.

  3. Sounds like a cool take on legalism

  4. This is looking like a must-read. Thanks for the review, Bill.

    I’d venture that a follow-up could be entitled 146 Stones.


  5. cycleguy says:

    From Randy: Thank you so much, Bill. The endorsement is more appreciated than you know.

    I am humbled.

    Thank you, thank you.

    Hope all is well.

    If any of your followers would like to know more, or possibly have a group discussion with Q&A, just let me know.

    • cycleguy says:

      You’re more than welcome Randy. if I could “repay” just a small portion of the difference WH and the others have made in my life it would be worth every cent.

      Well, are there any who would be interested?

  6. This book sounds like an absolute winner. Thanks for the review, Bill!

  7. Betty Draper says:

    I am with Floyd, you are a good sale person. Now to get busy and buy the book. First I must finish The Fifth Gospel.

  8. Ceil says:

    Hi Bill! I think it’s important to share books that change your life! You seem to really believe that these books have done that for you. Thank you for sharing.

    I think legalism is an important point that needs to be discussed. It’s not that rules are bad, Jesus had them after all. But leaning excessively on them, instead of love, is a mistake. This looks like a thought provoking read…

    • cycleguy says:

      i agree Ceil about legalism and rules being bad. What is bad is when the rules dominate, especially those which are extra-biblical (dress, movies, hair length, etc). I’d love to have a discussion on it with others.

  9. Gingi says:

    Gonna check this out, I need some good reads.. –

  10. Lisa notes says:

    Both these books sound good! I’ll have to look them both up. I’m not a fan of legalism either. 🙁 I’ve seen it hurt a lot of people in ways that would not make God happy.