Written by cycleguy on April 27th, 2015

A hand off is when the quarterback gets rid of hands off the ball to his running back before he get creamed tackled. I can see my week as a rather full one-not as bad at this point as last week-but full nonetheless. So I want to do a hand off for this post.

I’ve recently heard about a blog called “Off the Page.” I put it in my Feedly to check it out and lo and behold the first one was a post by a young lady named Laurie Krieg. I have read her first three posts and have greatly benefited from them. I had planned on highlighting her but after reading her latest, I had to do it sooner than I planned.  Her three posts have been eye-opening and a fantastic read. She really hit the nail on the head about accepting who we are in Christ. I hope you will take some time to read her posts and then put her in your reader or sign up by email.

I have mentioned upon occasion about a man from the church, Peter, and his wife, Stephanie and their children having to temporarily move to Nashville to care for her ailing mother. Her mother went to be with Jesus and they are closing up shop in Nashville this week and I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to have them back. I just found out Peter has been writing a blog. (That rascal didn’t even tell me). However, he told me about his Vision statement in an email at this post. I went to his blog and started reading. I’d like to ask you to do so as well. Comments are turned off because of the bane of all bloggers: SPAM. 200 comments=1 real one. Grrrr. Why can’t they just leave well enough alone? I don’t bother them. Why do they have to bother me? Anyway, until Peter gets techgeek to maybe help with a spam catcher, you will just have to read. 🙂 But it is worth it.

Hand off complete for now. I’d say it equals a first down or maybe a touchdown.


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  1. Daniel says:

    Given that football season is long past, you have got to start using baseball analogies in your posts. Given that you are a devout Braves fan as I am (smiles), that should not be too hard for you. I will spin over to see what caught your attention. Have a great one.

    • cycleguy says:

      i tried to think of a baseball analogy but failed. As for Braves: you must be talking about my oldest daughter. She is the traitor. Now my youngest has gone to the dogs, I mean Reds. 🙂

  2. Football is a 365 days a year sport down here in the South.

  3. Will check these out, Bill! Thank you!

  4. Loving all the football references. Just checked out Peter’s blog. He’s a wonderful writer. You can feel his love for Christ – and God’s people – in his words.

  5. Desert Jim says:

    These are great posts Bill!

    Daniel, it’s always football season! In Texas, there’s a saying “There are only two sports in Texas – Football and Spring Football!”

  6. Deb Wolf says:

    Thanks for sharing these Bill. I love finding new writers willing to share their hearts, their faith, and their struggles openly. Thanks for the football analogy. Can’t wait for Sept. But only for football . . . definitely not wishing the summer away. Blessings!

    • cycleguy says:

      I’m glad you like them Deb. Funny…I am not a football fan at all. Cycling and baseball are my sports of choice. I definitely don’t want the summer over!

  7. Betty Draper says:

    Both were good reads, that Laurie is one courageous young women. It takes courage to live find life in Christ and not our weaknesses. It takes courage to allow God to be big and us to become small. If it’s us being big we will only draw those who struggle with the same issue to us but when God becomes big and Jesus is lifted up, all people will be drawn to us. After salvation we are not the people we once were so whey would we make it our identity. We are buried with Him and have rose with Him and will be with Him for eternity. That is our identity. thanks Bill for posting those two post.

  8. Sharon says:

    No fumbling on your part, Bill! It’s always good to know about other writers out there who are sharing their hearts and God-wisdom. Thanks for handing the ball off to us!

    Hoping this week isn’t too overwhelming. And praying you don’t get sacked!!


  9. floyd says:

    Good and encouraging reads, Bill. Nice job of washing the butter off your hands before the hand off.