Written by cycleguy on November 3rd, 2015


Such a not-so-nice-sounding word. It congers up pictures of babies in shell-like containers, often with wires and tubes everywhere.

This past Sunday we had a son, Owen Franklin, born to a family in the church. He has had trouble breathing so only mom has been able to hold him and that has only been in the Special Care Unit of the hospital. Two sisters and a brother (especially the younger sister) have not been able to hold him or get close to him. And yes it is killing them.

I was able to see him through the window Monday. Not hooked up to tubes and not encased in a shell, but still receiving excellent care as he gets stronger. I won’t call it complete incubation…just partial.

My grandson just got a tortoise for his birthday. It is supposed to get to be 100 pounds and live 65 years. Oh…WOW! Right now it is like he is living in an incubator. Two different kinds of lights (day and night). The right food. The right environment.

Randy contends in Stone 23 that “each church is to be an incubator.” No church is to be an end in itself.  There are far too many people who think that is all there is. The purpose of a church is to reproduce. It is not to keep people down or strapped to tubes (legalism). Every church is to be an incubator, being used to lead people to Jesus, not make decisions on our own.

This is a random post based on this book.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Actually, if the church has become the end, I think that something has gone terribly wrong.

  2. Ceil says:

    Hi Bill! What a great study on the concept of an incubator. I like the idea that the church community is a place to hold and nurture the Spirit. But then, it’s time to grow up and grow out too. Out to serve and inspire, to be Christ to someone else.

    I hope people don’t see church as the last stop on their way to holiness. It’s really the launching place!

  3. Sharon says:

    I like the analogy of an incubator. Occurs to me, too, that incubators are usually warm places that encourage breaking out of shells. Sounds like a good directive for church…


  4. Loved this imagery, Bill! Church should be the place where we are loved and nurtured so we can go out in the world and make a difference for Jesus.

  5. Jeff says:

    The problem is you are trying to practice church on humans. It would probably work better on tortoises.

  6. Deb Wolf says:

    Great analogy. If an incubator does its job well it sends a strong healthy person out into the world to live. The church should do the same. I must admit though, sometimes it’s easy to want to stay where it is safe, warm, and unthreatening. Lots of good stuff to think about. Thanks!

  7. floyd says:

    Excellent analogy, Bill. “Equipping the saints”. Thanks for the reminder and our calling.