Written by cycleguy on May 19th, 2016


Last week I spoke about the biblical basis for adoption. Here is a short recap:

  1. We were meant to enjoy an intimate relationship with God. That was ruined by the Fall.
  2. God has adopted us into His family. According to Romans 8:17 that adoption makes us children of God, and if children then heirs. We are called sons of God.
  3. All the rights, all the privileges, all the benefits of being an heir are ours.

I want those truths to serve as a basis for this week’s effort. I’m taking a totally new approach (at least for me) this Sunday. We have had several in our church fellowship who have adopted children. One family has a natural son-and could have continued having more-but chose to go the adoption route. Their natural son is 16 now. But in early 2005 they went to China and adopted a baby. That little girl was a gymnast for several years and is now a dynamite high diver. Then in 2011 they all made their way to China and welcomed an 8 year old girl. She, too, has turned into a fantastic gymnast, as well as a pretty young lady with a beautiful smile. She also recently became a Christ-follower. Chad and Terri are their parents.

My new approach? After showing a video of some friends who have since gone to Bulgaria to adopt a sibling group of four (13 years ago they adopted their son from Russia), I’m going to “interview” Chad & Terri. They have a fantastic story to tell of love that reached beyond their borders and the country’s borders to take in two girls from China. I met with them about a month or so ago and got the “scoop” on their adoption route and decided to use their story to bring home the validity of adoption.

I know several of my readers could also speak of their road to adoption as well: Kari, Jason & Andrea, Pam, and I’m sure others. I’m hoping we can make the recording happen since it might take more than we have the ability to do. But then again…I have Ryan (Mr. Techgeek).

I’ll let you know how it went. In the meantime, would you please pray for Sunday. I know they will be nervous, but am convinced will relax quickly. Pray for impact. Thanks.


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  1. jeff says:

    I am 100% with you Bill on the benefits to all who have the courage to adopt. And I firmly believe it takes courage to believe enough in yourself and enough in your fellow man to take that step. I don’t envy those people but I do greatly admire them.
    As for your invisible friend in the sky that has adopted me into his family I will continue to consider that total malarkey. I want no part of that familial silliness.

    • cycleguy says:

      With adoption in your family Jeff I am glad to hear you are behind it. Adoption into the spiritual family comes from an acceptance of Jesus as the Son of God. Hence…

  2. Betty Draper says:

    Great idea Bill, I am sure the folks at the church will enjoy hearing their story. We had some former New Tribes missionaries stop by yesterday as they traveled through our area. The went to Papua New Guinea with three small children, learned an unwritten language, taught the people who spoke that language how to read and write it, translated the bible in their language and God did the rest. A new group of believers were formed in that remote jungle village, people who no long fear the evil spirits everywhere. This couple came home several years ago and starting adopting, now they have three small children again and three older ones. Loving others is never about physical location, it’s always the location of the heart. Those three little girls they have adopted are just as important as those village children living in a remote jungle. Encouraging post Bill, a reminder that God is in the healing business on every level of our lives and others lives.

  3. Pam says:

    I love this idea, Bill. It is good to show people what wonderful fruits this option bears. Praying for the presenters. Thanks for the mention!

  4. Wonderful idea, Bill! Yes, I will be praying that all goes according to God’s plan this Sunday.

  5. floyd says:

    Sounds great! Praying for them and for you, brother.

  6. Kari Scare says:

    Thank you for promoting adoption and especially for making the connection with our adoption into God’s family.

  7. Bill, this is so awesome! Adoption is a beautiful thing that changes the lives of everyone involved. The statistics are staggering and the need is great. Thank you for helping bring this to the forefront, practically and spiritually.

    PS I’m so sorry we weren’t able to make the video you requested. With the ending of the school year and now my wife out of town for a week, we lost so much time. Blessings to you and I appreciate you much.