Written by cycleguy on May 31st, 2016

Well…I’m back from my week away. And what a week it was! I really wish I knew how to download a couple of the pictures I took to this blog but my technologically-challenged mind wasn’t able to figure it out. I’ll ask Diana (the secretary) how to do at least get them from my phone to my computer. One small step for mankind… 🙂

We left Sunday afternoon about 1:15 with the plan to spend the night in Ohio with our grandson and his parents. Notice the word: plan. On the way we stopped at a  bike shop to have some maintenance done (which they said I didn’t need because you know nothing goes wrong when the mechanic looks at it). Then we stopped about 1/2 later for something to eat. We were not out of Indiana when we hit stopped traffic. No way out. SIX HOURS OF STOPPED TRAFFIC! A wreck 4-5 miles up the road (which included at least one fatality) at a construction zone changed everything. After about a 6 hour standstill, the traffic started up. I drove until I needed toothpicks to hold my eyes open and we stopped at a hotel.

Monday we arrived in PA shortly after 1:00 and hung out for the rest of the day. My brother, Rob, and his wife, Joy, were fantastic hosts.

Tuesday I visited my dad and his wife in a nursing home where he introduced me as a family friend. (He has dementia). Tuesday night we went to PNC Park to watch the Pirates play. (Insert picture of ballgame here). THEY WON!! I entered my first casino ever to get to the third floor buffet restaurant. I don’t see the thrill of watching a screen. Sorry.

Wednesday I had a chance to ride 20 miles on a trail which goes from West Virginia to Washington, D.C.  I got off the trail and saw a beautiful log home (Insert picture here) and also a picture of a ballpark the Pirate Charities helped build. (Insert picture here). That evening we spent time with one of my other brother’s, Garry, his wife, Debra, and daughter, Lea. She absolutely had us in stitches. Laughter is good for the soul.

Thursday we left for Ohio and when we arrived I had time to ride 23 miles. We took our grandson to Chipotle for supper.

Friday I went to the Powell “Y” and then took Braden to see Captain America: Civil War. Oh Wow!!! It was good.  Afterwards we took him to get his Mohawk. (Insert picture here)

Saturday I rode 26 miles in the morning. (Insert pictures of a stop and my two steeds). Then we watched Braden play baseball except the second game was rained stormed lightning-ed out. I’m taller than all of them so I was in no hurry to be a human lightning rod. We took Janna & Jason out for their 12th anniversary which was Sunday.

Sunday after church we ate at Greek Express, loaded up the bike, then headed home. The weather was absolutely gorgeous for traveling every day. I came to the office Sunday night only to find it 81 degrees in my office. The A/C was not working. Still is not.

Monday I came to the office to work then went for a 23 mile ride. Worked inside the house; cut grass; had a friend over for a cookout, then collapsed.

Tuesday (today) it was back to the old grind. The respite was good, but like most times away…not enough. I missed my fellow staff (Ryan and Diana) and working with our summer intern. I also missed “my” people on Sunday. But if I can be honest I’d say I look forward to the few days here and there I’ll be taking. No Sundays off unless an emergency arises. Ryan has a full plate this summer and I won’t ask him to take on one more thing. (What a good guy I am!).  🙂

There it is. A travelogue with no pictures. Where it says “Insert picture” use your imagination. Maybe some day I can make that a reality. But…don’t hold your breath.


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  1. Sharon says:

    I loved catching up with your trip, and enjoyed using my imagination to *see* your photos!! Sounds like your respite was a little less than restful, but loads of fun!

    And yes, laughter is good for the soul!


    (I usually send photos from my phone to my email address, download them, and then use the photo link in my blog to add them to posts. Not sure if WordPress works that way, too. I am a pre-schooler when it comes to computer literacy…)

  2. Rodney Olsen says:

    Great update. I’m so glad that you got to ride a few times.

    So now I’ll just wait for the pictures to appear. Having never been to your part of the world I really do need the photos. 🙂

  3. Zee Gimon says:

    LOL, “insert picture here” – c’mon)))) I *am* holding my breath because I do want to see those pics.

    I loved the Civil War too. Good movie.

  4. The gift of imagination helped me enjoy your trip…welcome back!

  5. Nothing wrong with asking us to put our imaginations in overdrive. 🙂 Glad you had such a wonderful trip and that you’re safe at home, Bill.

  6. floyd says:

    Glad you had a good time and made it home safe. You were missed.