Written by cycleguy on June 30th, 2016


I love the movie Gladiator! In the opening scene there is a battle between the soldiers of Marcus Arelius (led by Russell Crowe) and the “army” of the Germanic tribes. As they fight, Maximus (Crowe’s character) is in hand-to-hand combat when he senses someone at this back and prepares to defend himself. When he turns he finds out it is his fellow officer has his back.

When I played ball and someone was having a bad game, we would ask the other players to “pick me up.” That was simply another way of saying, “Cover my back. Need some help here guys.”

In our spiritual walk it is essential to have someone who will cover our back. David needed it for sure. Psalm 32 is seen as being a parallel psalm to Psalm 51. After David’s adultery with Bathsheba, he needed someone to cover his back. He needed someone who would come alongside him and help him take the hammer blows which were coming-due to his own shame and also those who were bound to know by putting 2+2 together.

But rather than focus on the negative of his sin, he chose to focus on what God has done for him. He focuses on how God has got his back covered. You do too. I look forward to sharing this message with those who are here.

One service + potluck pitch-in = exceptionally good time (even if the sermon is weak). Have a great weekend! I will not be posting on Monday so enjoy your Fourth of July.


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  1. Hi Bill,

    How was your family trip this summer?

    Church potlucks and summer services are fun times of community. Do you guys get lots of jello salads too? I grew up eating those at church potlucks. 🙂

    Jennifer Dougan

    • cycleguy says:

      Really haven’t had one Jennifer. We took one to PA to see my dad in a nursing home with dementia, stayed with my brother and his wife, and did stop in OH to see my grandson but no real family trip. There won’t be one either. 🙁

  2. Linda Stoll says:

    Oh yeah … He’s got our backs. Ever and always.

    Now … to live like it.

    Happy 4th, friend!

  3. TC Avey says:

    I’m so glad God has my back. I’m never alone. There is such comfort in that.
    Have a blessed holiday weekend.

  4. floyd says:

    He’s got our back and soul. How amazing it is to be lifted into the hands of our Father, even, or especially when we don’t deserve it.

    Praying for your sermon, for it to be strong! If our Father’s doing the talking it’s gonna be dunamis!

  5. Thank goodness God does have our backs! I know I need Him every day.
    Blessings, Bill, and have a great Fourth!

  6. Pam Williams says:

    It’s interesting that the morning I read this I also read a post on another blog that re-iterated the same thing–at one time or another we all need someone to lean on. God knows this and encourages us that “Two are better than one . . .” {Ecclesiastes 4:9-12}.

    Have a fun, fireworks-filled 4th!

  7. Caleb Suko says:

    Usually this is where pastors and missionaries get into trouble. When you find yourself alone geographically from other believers or you find yourself alone because you are the main leader and you are getting everyone’s back but no one is getting your back, then you are in a very dangerous situation.

    I’m glad that our church has a team of pastors, that really helps.

  8. Good reminder. I’ve felt the strength of someone having my back and felt it again here reading your encouragement, Bill. Thank you and happy belated 4th!