Written by cycleguy on July 7th, 2016


Sometimes I “envy” survivalists. You know…those men and women who do incredibly crazy things outdoors.

Other times…NOPE.

While I don’t mind trying new things and taking part in new adventures, I’m sort of like “I’m good” when it comes to doing really crazy stuff. Maybe I’m too “safe.” Or then again…maybe I’m really smart!

Growing up I used to watch shows like Sea Hunt with Lloyd Bridges. I dreamed of being an underwater explorer. Yeah…and pigs fly. Sort of hard to be one of those in the heartland of steel country (Pittsburgh).

Then I used to watch “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” with David Hedison, Richard Basehart, and a cast of characters.  Go here to see if you recognize any of them. I chuckled. Then I found out what it was really like on a sub from those who have been on one. Let’s just say my bed would not be long enough and I would probably suffer a series of concussions.

It is easy to glamorize things when they are “fake.” But reality bites hard sometimes. The other end of reality is often failure. The sure way to failure when hiking is failing to follow the survival guide you have either bought or someone has handed you. Walk the Appalachian Trail=follow the survival guide. The quickest way to failure, or even death, is to say “I can do this on my own.”

Psalm 130 is a survival guide for the struggling traveler. I’ll share some of my thoughts from my sermon next week. Meanwhile, may I ask you to pray for me and the church fellowship this Sunday? Thanks.


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  1. My dad used to talk about Sea Hunt.

  2. Betty Draper says:

    Remember well those TV series…they did make one want to be an explorer. I learn to snorkel when we lived in Papua New Guinea which was about as much adventure as I wanted in the ocean. I am not a person to seek adventure for the sake of adventure but for the sake of the gospel I have lived an adventurous life. And would do it all over again to see the light come into a person eyes who has lived in fear and darkness. To see peace and love flow through them and toward others.

    A survivalist heart is exactly what I had before I met Christ. Because I survived my childhood which was not an adventure, I learned to survive pain but my way gave me a tough heart. A heart that did not trust people. I developed an, “I can do this on my own” and in some ways thought I could survive hell. Actually told people who would talk to me about hell that I lived hell before so don’t talk to me about it. The Bible showed me the best survival plan for surviving hell and the struggles as I walk this adventure called life. Looking forward to the adventure of heaven. Have prayed for your message brother to reach hearts.

  3. floyd says:

    Going it solo never goes without it’s lumps… and worse. Praying for you and your sermon, Bill.

    Or, I mean, Diver Dan.

  4. I loved those television shows!!!
    Glad God has given us the perfect survival guide that keeps us abundantly alive.
    Praying for you, Bill! Blessings!