Written by cycleguy on October 26th, 2016

In my last post, I talked about the Mission of OVCF. You can see that post here. I realize there are all sorts of different explanations for the difference between mission and vision. I have one that I feel comfortable with and use that as a guide.

The Mission is what we do.

The Vision is how we hope/plan to accomplish that mission.


The $1000 question is “How can we make that happen?” The following is what was shared Sunday. In order to be cognizant of length, I’m going to do this in three posts.


Our #1 goal is not to build a big church. It is not to have a huge nursery or the best youth program. Our first and primary pursuit should be running fully after Jesus. It goes without saying: we cannot lead people where we ourselves are not going or have not been. That would be like taking your child into the forest and telling them to follow a path and then going the opposite direction. Makes no sense.

Paul knew this principle. In Philippians 3:10 he wrote, “I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection.” The word know is the word which means “intimate knowledge.” In other words, Paul was drawing a line in the sand between a head knowledge and a heart knowledge. There are tons of people who know a lot about Jesus, the Bible and other teachings. The atheist knows the Bible and knows the teachings of Jesus! But it is head knowledge. We need heart knowledge.

A passionate pursuer of Jesus desires to have a heart knowledge, one full to the brim and running over. Are you one?


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  1. Love your heart and your vision…looking forward to reading the rest!

  2. Ben Nelson says:

    That’s a great plan – demonstrate the kingdom’s effect in your life.

  3. I desire that heart knowledge, each and every day, Bill. Can’t wait for the rest of your installments!

  4. floyd says:

    Great point, Bill. Knowing doesn’t equal understanding. Even animals can learn or memorize how to fetch or roll over…

  5. Pam says:

    Again, powerful truths shared here, Bill. Love this: We cannot lead people where we ourselves are not going or have not been.