Written by cycleguy on January 16th, 2017

I suspect many of you have seen The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Next to Back to the Future, it is my favorite trilogy of movies. The central plot focuses on The Ring of Power fashioned by the Dark Lord Sauron. This ring corrupts whoever has it. No matter how good his or her intentions are, the ring’s power eventually corrupts even the purest heart. Enter Frodo. Frodo is given the task of taking the ring to Sauron’s lair to destroy it. We watch throughout the three movies as the ring’s power begins to take over and control Frodo’s every waking and sleeping moment. The finale has Frodo on the precipice of where he needs to throw the ring, and with Sam yelling, “Throw it in Frodo!” we watch as Frodo turns to Sam and says, “No Sam. It’s mine” and puts it on. The power of the ring had taken control of Frodo. It had enslaved him.

Idols are like that. They slowly and subtly take over, often without us even knowing it is happening. Pastor Tim Keller calls an idol a “counterfeit god.” He goes on to call an idol:

Anything more important to us than God, anything that absorbs our heart and mind more than God, anything we seek to give you only what God can give.

In my next post I plan to give 6 examples of idols we face today…many we don’t even realize are idols.

Oh…thanks for hanging in there with me over the past couple of months. I’ll give an update on my accident in the next week or so. But I do thank you for your prayers.


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  1. Linda Stoll says:

    Trusting that this week will find your stronger, spirit, soul, and body, Bill …

  2. Lisa notes says:

    Finally I can say, yes, I have seen the Lord of the Rings trilogy. 🙂 I had sort of seen them when they first came out, but never appreciated them at all. But last year I read the books and re-watched the movies and have a much greater appreciation for the truths in them. The idolatry of the ring is something we all can relate to on some level. I’ll look forward to hearing your update soon on your healing!

  3. Tolkien’s books and the movies are my all-time favorites, Bill! I’m looking forward to your examples of present day idol. We all need to be more aware of the temptations that draw our attentions away from God.
    Blessings, and continue to heal!

  4. Looking at idols in new ways is always a convicting thing. There was a women’s Bible study book I went through by that same topic several years ago. It was thought-provoking.

    I’m so sorry about your computer virus agonies! Argh.

    Jennifer Dougan

  5. I’ve never read the books, but I can see the scene you’re talking about in my head vividly even though I only watched it once years ago. Interesting to think too that our mission can become an idol. We set out to do good and slowly we can shift into believing that the mission or ministry is ours so we want to hold onto it instead of surrender. Good thoughts, Bill. Thanks. Prayers for your continued recovery too!

  6. floyd says:

    I’m with you, BIll. Anything, including fear, is an idol. Anything that takes more precedence than God himself falls into that category.

    You can’t keep a good man down…!

  7. Ceil says:

    HI Bill! I have not seen the Lord of the Rings, which is quite the scandal to some of my family members. But I do know a thing of two about idols. I have put plenty of things ahead of God, thinking they would make me happier, or fill my life more. Yikes.
    I’ll look forward to your series on idols, I know I’ll see myself there.
    Continued prayers for you and your healing. I know it’s a tough road, I”m stil in PT for my back and shoulder issues. You’ll make it, you will be better.

  8. Jeff says:

    Glad to see you are back amongst the living. Sounds like you had a nasty fall.I am most interested in the 6 idols you think we face today. I don’t really have any idols. I don’t worship anything or let anything get in my way. I suspect you will be describing a lack of self control. But you have made me curious. I hope you will not just be talking about fat ladies that can’t stay away from too much chocolate. I look forward to what you think idolizing is all about.