Written by cycleguy on January 25th, 2017

This past Sunday I spoke about the verse where Paul says, “We are fools for Christ’s sake.” While the fool is not a complimentary term, I went another way with it. I went with the idea that God embraces the ridiculous.

I love to talk about my two daughters. Seldom do I get the chance to brag about them, so today I want to brag about my oldest, Tami. She recently wrote a blog that I want to highlight and ask you to check it out. She says it very succinctly and, if I may brag, very well. I’d like to ask you to read it here.

One of the things I did was change the word fool to the word crazy. I started with this video. With that thought in mind here are some of the crazy people and highlights Tami also mentioned (just in case you didn’t read her post):

Abraham– Obedience is easy when it fits into our plan or our scheme. Abraham was willing to obey even though it was crazy.

Namaan- Sometimes we are asked to take steps of wild obedience where we have no clue where it will end. Stop too soon and we miss out on God’s phenomenal blessings. (Note: Imagine if Namaan had stopped at #6)

Gideon- It doesn’t matter the size of the army or enemy coming against you when God is fighting your battle for you.

Hosea– Though we fail; we are not failures. Though we are unfaithful; God is faithful. Always.

As Christ-followers we are often asked to do bizarre-appearing actions. Some might actually call us crazy. But I’d rather be called crazy for stepping out of the status quo than be bored to tears and bore everyone else along the way.



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  1. floyd says:

    It’s interesting that what the secular world sees as crazy in us, we see as insane in them. And not in a mean or degrading way, just in a sadness for the lostness.

  2. Betty Draper says:

    Just come from reading your daughter blog…love that she is listening and acting upon what she hears. As I looked at the list of men you named Hosea is my favorite because he points to God’s lack of failure. The words to a song ring in my heart, With Him I would be nothing, without Him I’s surely fail, And with out Him life would be hopeless, like a ship with out a sail. Good reminders Bill.

  3. Linda Stoll says:

    oh i love that your daughter’s blogging, Bill.

    like daddy, like daughter!

    what a legacy …

  4. Loved Tami’s blog, Bill! I’ve signed up to follow her, and am excited to see what inspiration she shares next. It’s also so cool that she’s following in your footsteps – can’t go wrong there!

  5. Ed says:

    Yeah, being someone who only bores others is a real turn off! Nice blog, I am also subscribed now!

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