Written by cycleguy on February 5th, 2017

I disliked taking tests. Maybe dislike is the wrong word. Maybe hated is a better one. 🙂 Actually, I didn’t mind the essay kind. I could “blow off” and hope I said enough to make my point. I didn’t mind multiple choice because somewhere along the line I might remember and get the right answer. I disliked strongly (how about that choice of words) the True/False kind.

One of the biggest struggles I run into among fellow Christ-followers is the assurance of salvation. Too many are always questioning “Am I saved?” “If I die today would I go to heaven?” “How can I know?” While I personally have questions about what is called Eternal Security, I don’t believe a follower of Christ ever has a reason to doubt their salvation. Based on what you ask? Well, Sunday I gave two tests to ask as you seek to figure out not only your own, but who might be preaching a strange gospel. Here are two from I John:

  • Belief in God and the certainty of sin. [1:5-6,8,10]  False teachers and doctrinal errors are spread when there is uncertainty about God and sin. John tells us “God is Light.” He also tells us “in Him is no darkness at all.” Ever since the Fall man has tried to excuse sin. We call it a “mistake” or a “failure” or a “disorder, illness, or addiction.” Call sin what it is…sin.
  • Belief in forgiveness of sin and confession. [1:7b,9] That verse 9 stands like a rock for me. We can deny it. We can argue. But we cannot erase that verse from the pages of Holy Writ. What is written is written. Way too many followers of Jesus live in the past and think they cannot be forgiven. The tense used for forgive is one which not only shows past forgiveness but specifically present forgiveness. And since my tomorrow is actually today, forgiveness is always there.

I’m sure you can think of more. But these are huge to the freedom of every follower of Jesus. What do they say to you?


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  1. Pam says:

    We were just discussing this in Confirmation class yesterday. Every single person said “I don’t know!” when we started class. By the end they at least knew what to base their answer on–and it wasn’t on them being good enough, but on Christ’s sacrifice instead.

  2. These are HUGE (my word for the year), Bill! Sin is a word this overly politically correct society has tried desperately to gloss over. It can’t be, no matter how many other names we give it.
    Thank the Lord, then, for forgiveness of all our sins when we confess them to Him, and come away knowing He has already forgotten them, and so should we. Blessings!

  3. Betty Draper says:

    The sinless one died for the sinner once and for all, casting all sin, past, present and future on the sinless. This brings a freedom like no other belief can bring. Great points Bill, great points.

  4. Jeff says:

    These are not concerns or worries for a Deist. Sin is not a word in a Deist vocabulary. And salvation is not part of the belief system. I agree there are many false teachers in this world. That is a concern and a worry for the people that are misinformed and taken advantage of. I do worship freedom from all authoritarian control.

  5. Linda Stoll says:

    I’m not a big fan of tests either, Bill. But I am eternally grateful for the assurance of salvation.

    How good God is to have blessed us with such an abundance of grace and mercy …

  6. I never had trouble with tests in school, but life, on the other hand… 🙂 It truly is a matter of faith. Believe in Jesus as Savior and trust He’s forgiven you. Experience His love and mercy in a “real” and undeniable way. I’ve done this and it does change everything. Thanks Bill.

  7. floyd says:

    It’s so out of style to call sin sin. Justification for our weaknesses doesn’t change a thing. I appreciate that you’re telling it like it is.

    While most Christians don’t say it, there lives reflect the same legalistic tendencies that the Pharisees had. Following the rules means zero.