Written by cycleguy on April 16th, 2017

Happy Resurrection Day to all of you!

Consequences if Jesus did not raise from the dead (from I Corinthians 15)…

Christ would not be risen [v.13]

Preaching would be meaningless [v.14a]

Faith in Christ would be worthless. [v.14b]

All those who represent Christ or witness of Him would be considered liars. [v.15]

We are of all men most to be pitied. [v.19]

I hope you have and had a meaningful and very blessed Resurrection Sunday. “Death is swallowed up in victory. O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?”

The enemy is defeated. Death is neutered by the Resurrection of Jesus.



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  1. Alleluia! He is risen!
    A blessed Easter to you and yours, Bill.

  2. floyd says:

    Amen! Happy Easter to you and all of yours, brother.

  3. Ceil says:

    Hi Bill! Happy Resurrection Day to you and yours, and may God bless you with his peace and joy. I will celebrate a love and forgiveness I’ll never understand, but will always be grateful for!