Written by cycleguy on April 18th, 2017


I think deep in the heart of all of us is something we are passionate about. Sometimes that passion is self-driven, i.e. something sticks to us like glue and we become an advocate for it. Sometimes it is need-driven, i.e. I don’t like the sex trafficking issue so I become an advocate against it. Sometimes something happens to us that “drives” us to not being able to leave it alone.

Things like best friends being killed by distracted drivers. Things like being “buzzed” then given the finger when you motion with open arms. Things like being stalked by a big diesel pickup then being covered in black smoke as he “accelerates.”

Things like bike wrecks caused by a hit and run driver. I’m pretty sure most of you are aware the latter happened to me on November 7, 2016. So has being buzzed and covered in black smoke. It was the former, though, which has led me to a web site and to become an advocate. The site is 3feetplease.com. (It is being overhauled and the new look is to be ready by the end of the week).  Below are some of the items available. (There is also a T-shirt which I will have to include in another post).

I rode for years without ever having trouble with a car (except for nuisance from jerks)…until that November 7th date last year. A person’s perspective changes a lot when he is the victim. I plan to become an advocate for the 3 Feet Law in Indiana and with help from Bob Heaton and Rod Bray I hope it becomes a LAW in Indiana. Will it stop it? Probably not. But drivers need to know the law and that there are consequences to disobeying it.


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  1. Jeff says:

    Go get ’em Bill. Will this apply to kids on tricycles, on interstate highways, to joggers, to situations where the vehicle would have to cross a double yellow line to give 3 feet. Will all roads require a 3 feet line painted on them to distinguish the limit. I think some things are just risky. And riding bicycles on roads designed for 60 mph vehicles is risky. I don’t think you can designate 3 feet of the highway for 15mph traffic. You might be able to designate certain roads as bike friendly and create some safe space. But Hwy 46 will not and should not have a 15mph space.

    • cycleguy says:

      Some of this is irrelevant Jeff and you know it. kids on trikes? There is not bicycle riding on interstate highways. Joggers face traffic. And yes there are time vehicles have to cross the double yellow line to create the 3 feet. I hug the white line on any road and on some more deserted roads will even move closer to the middle of a lane. Is it too much to ask some to slow down and wait if they can’t get around/

      • Jeff says:

        I always make plenty of room. I don’t need a law to not hit things in the road. I wouldn’t ever ride a bike on a highway for safety reasons. I think bikes on highways are a nuisance and taking unnecessary risks.

  2. I would like this shirt just for work…to get people away from my desk LOL! Bless ya brother!

  3. That’s a wonderful cause to advocate, Bill! Drivers need to respect the rights of bicycle riders at all times; I love some of the roads around here that have designated lanes for bikers. Now that’s planning ahead and playing it safe!

  4. Ceil says:

    Hi Bill! I think it’s wonderful that there are movements like this that push for safety. Good for you for joining, and I know you’d be a powerful voice for them too.

  5. floyd says:

    I’m an advocate. Especially since my wife got hit on her bike a few years ago. I wish everyone would ride a bike on a street with cars one time. That’s all it would take…

  6. Pam says:

    I love to hear someone passionate about a good cause, Bill. If only more of us stood up and spoke up for what we truly believe in.

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