Written by cycleguy on May 14th, 2017

Every once in a while nothing needs to be said except “Help!”  I’m not in that boat at the moment but I would like to ask your help by praying for several folks.  That is the sole purpose of this post today.

First, one of my blogging friends, Martha Jane Orlando, has been going through a tough time lately with her husband, Danny. Martha blogs here and if you go to this particular one it will take you on a four-post ride and what she has been experiencing with Danny. I have continued personal correspondence with her and Danny had surgery, developed an infection and had to return to the hospital so the infection would clear up and then have another surgery.  She has been incognito in blogland because of it. Please keep Danny and Martha in your prayers.

My brother, Rob, and his wife, Joy, head to Italy Monday (May 15th) to do mission work until July 3rd. Working with some missionary friends, they will be teaching English to folks, but will be using a Bible-based book to do it. So the opportunities for sharing Christ are immense. There is a great opportunity to meet with these folks one-on-one. They are excited and anxious all at the same time. I saw Rob a week and a half ago and he seems to be returning to better health. Please pray for he and Joy: their safe travel, their health while there, their opportunities for sharing Christ, and just an all-around good trip.

I have some very dear friends from the church who have had to move for various reasons. They need to sell their old house so they can “release that worry.” I love this family a lot and ask you to pray for them in this new venture. I know they would appreciate it also.

I know there are others to pray for. But I would be remiss if I didn’t ask prayer for me. Two bicycle accidents have taken their toll on my body, but the one in November (where the car hit me) has lingered a lot longer. Getting hit at 55-60 mph on my left cheek (missing my spine by 2″) has left its mark. I’m now painfully dealing with what they believe to be a sciatic nerve issue. I’m praying for healing without surgery. I’d like to ask you to join me.

So…how can I pray for you?

{Note: my next post will be recap of Mother’s Day}


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  1. Betty Draper says:

    Sorry to hear about your sciatic issue. I hurt mine years ago climbing what looked like a mountain to me but really just a large hill. Thank God I keep it under control with certain exercises. When I get lazy and do not do them, I hurt and get back on the floor. I have been keeping up with Martha husband progress. Love that your brother and wife are doing a mission trip, will certainly pray for souls to be saved. Thank God the Word will not go void and though they may not see the harvest, they will be blessing knowing they planted seeds. As for prayer request: my brother, Larry, I wrote about him today on my blog. He is heavy on my heart. My health is doing better. Went back to the YMCA this week, felt great to swim a couple laps. This was the second corner I have turned since my surgery as far as energy level and exercise without angina pain. I think there is four corners. When I get close to the 4 th one I am going to have my knee replacement…back to square one again. Will be praying for you Bill…

  2. Zee says:

    Hey – praying for you and your friends! Those hospitals, surgeries, and things are only interesting when they are in the movies… 🙁

    Italy is one fast-paced country (just got back from there a week ago)… I hope they will enjoy it.

  3. Thank you, thank you, Bill, for asking others to pray for Danny and me! He is doing so much better, praise God, but until we get that final “all clear,” we do appreciate every single prayer we can get!
    I will be back blogging tomorrow – more of the Asheville misadventures. Hope to see you there!
    Know I’ll be praying for your brother, his wife, and the family you’ve mentioned here.
    Blessings always!

    • cycleguy says:

      You are more than welcome Martha. I’m glad to rally the troops for Danny and you! I’ll look forward to reading your new post. And know those whom I have asked for prayer will appreciate it.

  4. Zee says:

    In regards to prayer needs: the company I am working for is undergoing major changes. We have been acquired and right now, considering I’m in the marketing team, we have to decide what should be done with brands and other processes (not the least – getting to know new team members, considering that they are moving into our office).

    Changes usually cause quite a lot of stress for me and I don’t handle them well. But since I’m one of the managers (not top, but high), I have to remain calm and positive about this whole thing because others see my behavior. So… yeah. For positive thinking and for the entire process (for all who are involved, because I am not the only one struggling with the merger/acquisition situation).

  5. floyd says:

    Praying for your friends, family, and you, Cycle Guy…

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