Written by cycleguy on May 30th, 2017

Well…I had a wild and wooly weekend. No, I didn’t grow a beard. Busy. Crazy busy. But a good sort of crazy busy. I had a wedding in Cedar Lake, IN. Lovely place. Lovely couple. Lovely wife (mine). Lovely venue. Beautiful weather. It didn’t have a great start though.

We were about an hour or so away from home when Jo suddenly says (alarmingly), “Bill, we forgot our clothes.” No…we were wearing clothes. We forgot our wedding clothes. Suit. Tie. Dress (hers). Jeans for rehearsal. So I turned around and drove back home. We were taking the slower way the first time…or so I thought. I decided to take the quicker way this time (or so I thought). We got tied up in a traffic jam but fortunately, I knew my way around. Talk about traffic! Friday. Memorial Day weekend. Yeah…you get the picture.

But we finally got there and had about 45 minutes to spare. The rehearsal went well. The meal and conversation was great. Due to my back issue I didn’t sleep well at all, but God was more than sufficient. We visited the Albanese Candy Factory in Merrillville, IN. Talk about a kid in a candy shop!! Gummies everywhere (I don’t care for them). But chocolate????? Oh my oh my!! I sampled a few things then settled on some Milk Chocolate Mint Meltaways. I am slowly…very slowly…devouring them.

The wedding was beautiful. The setting was gorgeous. The weather was super cooperative. We left before the music started for dancing. Not because we don’t believe in it…except for us. The picture below should show you some of the difficulty. The real reason was the time. They are an hour behind us (CST) not EST. Our old bodies did not adjust well to the time change in that short of time.  🙂  So we headed back to the hotel room.

We left the next morning and headed to Terre Haute where we met our daughter, Tami, at Texas Roadhouse. We live streamed a service from Maryland Community Church in Terre Haute, the church we visit when we have a Sunday off. There was no way we were going to make the 9:00 service at MCC. We would have had to leave at 5:00 CST. Thank God for technology.

Monday was a relaxing day. An early bike ride with a friend in the state park. Spending the rest of the time with Jo and Tami. Cutting grass (UGH!). I was one tired puppy when I closed my eyes at 9:30.

So how was your weekend?? And here is that picture:

And just so you know. That may be the first dress Jo has worn in about a year or maybe more. That is my marryin’ and buryin’ suit. I told someone, “If you see me wearing that you know something is happening and you better start worrying.” I bought that suit 13 years ago when Janna was married. The glare off the noggin’ is/was blinding. 🙂


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  1. Linda Stoll says:

    How fun to see you guys together, Bill! What a great picture!

    My husband only has one suit and it’s been reserved for weddings and funerals for years.

    And I know you guys aren’t the only ones!

  2. Ceil says:

    Hi Bill! How fun to finally see a photo of you and your wife! Love it!! I pass the billboards for Albanese Candy all the time, but I’ve never been there. Maybe I shouldn’t go because I love chocolate too 🙂
    I’m in Indiana myself this week, helping my daughter with the family (she just had her fourth baby a month ago). We have a wedding to attend in Noblesville, ‘Tis the season!
    Have a wonderful summer,

    • cycleguy says:

      I think you should go at least once Ceil. You don’t have to buy. Then again…I double dog dare you. Hope you are enjoying your time in IN.

  3. Loved seeing you and Jo together, Bill – you all make a sweet couple!
    Yes, you DID have a crazy weekend, that’s for sure. Hope you can relax a bit this week, my friend.

  4. Lisa notes says:

    Glad the wedding went well. Love seeing this picture! My husband only puts on his suit for weddings and funerals too. 🙂

  5. floyd says:

    A great memory made. Funny how that usually included being tired!

    Glad all went well and you made it home safe and sound and you’re riding with someone.

    Love that picture!

    • cycleguy says:

      Thanks Floyd. WE did have a good time and did make some memories. As for that picture: I think you have me beat in the hair department. 🙂

  6. Pam says:

    Great photo! Sounds like you had a great time in spite of a few glitches! Funny story: Dick was going to an interview with a church. We arrived the night before and when we got dressed at the hotel the next morning, he discovered he had not only forgotten his dress shoes, but had somehow grabbed a pair of dress pants that he hadn’t worn for years and that were two sizes too small! Made a quick trip to the local Goodwill and found shoes and just prayed the pants wouldn’t split! Lol!