Written by cycleguy on June 5th, 2017

I find myself today running in a few minutes to a hospital close to an hour away for a man in the church who is having a knee replacement so I have precious little time to write a blog. So I thought I would give you some of the quotes/thoughts from the New Morning Mercies devotional I reviewed last week here.

From June 1: “God’s care comes in many forms. He cares enough to break your bones in order to capture your heart.” Tripp closes his thoughts with this: “You care enough to give me what I need, not what I want. You care enough to break my bones in order to recapture my heart.”

Of course, that hit home for me. Once in November (which didn’t take) and then again in February, I had bicycle accidents. The latter broke a collarbone and 3 ribs among other injuries. I don’t believe God literally reached down with His finger and had that car hit me, nor do I believe He put His finger on me and then flipped it sending me to the pavement in an endo. But He can use events in our lives to get our attention. In this case, He used it to recapture my heart.

From June 3: “It would be amazing if a God of awesome glory recognized our existence, but for Him to welcome us into His family is grace beyond amazing!” I’d say John Newton used the right word. Don’t you think so too?

From June 5 (today): “God’s grace is active, rescuing, transformative grace. You celebrate this by being as serious about your need as the God of grace is.” It took me three times reading that until it finally began to soak in. God took sin-the Fall-seriously. So much so that He immediately meted out punishment and put in motion the wheels for our salvation. Sin is no laughing matter. Gal. 6 tells us, “God is not mocked. Whatever a man sows that shall he reap.” Two words: not pretty.

Chew on those today and then let me hear your thoughts if you can to respond.


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  1. Betty Draper says:

    As I type I am listening to the song, My Jesus I need thee. We need to be reminded of His grace that never ever runs out. A fall from a bike, heart surgery or what ever comes to us comes through grace. That precious thought always comes to me when I face struggles. Good reminders brother for a Monday morning.

  2. Bill, I ordered this book when you first mentioned it here. It just arrived a day or two ago, and I’ve been so crazy busy that I have yet to add the reading to my devotional routine. That starts today!!!
    Mailing your book out tomorrow.

  3. Linda Stoll says:

    this is profound and oh so true, Bill –>’But He can use events in our lives to get our attention. In this case, He used it to recapture my heart.’

    I’ve seen that play out in my life and in the lives of many women I’ve worked with.

    All I can say is, ‘thank You, Jesus.’

  4. floyd says:

    Great quotes! Looking forward to that book!

    It is a sovereign God that causes or allows all things… it’s so easy to forget that this life is a blink in time compared to eternity.