Written by cycleguy on July 23rd, 2017

I am writing this particular post on Sunday and plan to post it early Sunday afternoon. I think many of you know I will be having surgery Monday morning (10:00 EST) so if you think about it prayers would be appreciated. I trust the doctors and nurses, but also want the Great Physician’s guidance for them and healing for me. Jo and Tami will be waiting so please say a prayer for them as well.

I’m not sure what kind of week I will have. Up to this point in my life, God has granted me the ability to recover quickly from surgery. I’m praying this will be the same. I know there will be restrictions and I have absolutely NO DOUBT Jo will make sure I hold to them-30 days of no cycling (her particular favorite); no lifting more than 10 pounds; and no bending at the waist. I think the latter will be the hardest.

Why surgery? In spite of being told to stop telling my story, I can’t and I won’t. After all it is now my story.  On Monday, November 7, 2016 I was riding my bicycle when I was hit by a cowardly hit-n-run driver. I recovered fairly quickly from that…or so I thought. There were some immediate effects and then some residual effects which showed up later. One of them was the back issue I am now having to have surgery for. It is my understanding the doctor will be going in to shave the disc as well as the bone spurs which appear to be impinging the nerves. Hopefully, 45 minutes or so later, it will be over with and my nerve pain an issue in the past.

My incident with disaster has led me to become involved in and an advocate for 3FeetPlease. I have distributed stickers, shirts, information, and bears to local bike shops in the hopes that Indiana will join other states (like Ohio and Arizona and others) to enact a “3 Feet Law.” To help me out this week I have asked some others for their help. My first guest will be Dave Waechter, who leads the 3FeetPlease organization. I’ve asked him to write something I can post. His story is gut-wrenching. I have also asked someone many of you are familiar with, Floyd, from theregoI to write a post. He has two stories within a story. Dave will post late Monday/early Tuesday and Floyd will post late Tuesday/early Wednesday.

I’m also having a give away. I am randomly giving away this bear from any who comment or respond to any of the posts this week. I have 6 bears to give away so the more you respond, the better chance you have. Also, thanks to Dave’s graciousness, two T-shirts will be given away (one by him and one by me). If you win, I’ll contact you and ask for your size and address and send it to Dave who will mail it to you.



All week long. You have a chance to hear some terrific stories. You also have a chance to win a bear for yourself or as a gift (which I just did and hope to have a picture for you).

Meanwhile, your prayers for surgery and recovery will be much appreciated.


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  1. Linda Stoll says:

    Praying right this very minute, Bill, and will continue through the week.

    He whispers peace …

  2. Have been praying for you Bill and will continue to do so! I’ll be sure to pray for Tami and Jo, too.
    Looking forward to seeing your guests post here; I’ll be sure to give them some positive feedback.
    Blessings and full recovery ahead!

  3. Meekly Seeking says:

    For you I am praying
    For you I am praying
    For you I am praying
    I’m praying for you.

  4. Betty Draper says:

    Lets see, it’s 4 in the afternoon so your surgery is over. I pray brother you are not in much pain. Pray the recovery goes well, pray you don’t bend over too much by habit. I don’t have to pray God gets the glory from all this for you are already tooting His horn. Good for you, don’t let anyone shut you up unless it might be Jo for only she will know when you are suppose to be quiet. Blessings Brother.

  5. Kari Scare says:

    Just read “Lynn” as I sit at a coffee shop taking a break on a bike ride with my husband. Heartbreaking.

  6. Ed says:

    Praying for you Bill (Sorry catching up on mail). Surgery is never fun, but if there is a chance of feeling better it’s always welcomed!

  7. floyd says:

    Good is coming out of disaster. It’s a Divine plan.

  8. Linda St.John says:

    I am so glad you are doing so much better and that nothing worse happened to my friend.

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