Written by cycleguy on September 9th, 2017

There is an old saying which is often used to stress a point:

Now that is a hill I will die on.

The negative of that is “That is not a hill I want to die on.”

Point being: what is stated is so important or not so important that I want to spend my time defending it or not defending it. Another way to put it is to consider its importance and whether you want to take a stand for it.

My next sermon series is called HILLS because there are certain TRUTHS I will take a stand for.  In 2003, Philip Johnson, a law professor at the University of California was awarded the “Daniel of the Year” award for his efforts to dismantle the Darwinist empire that dominates culture. In 1991 he sparked an enormous controversy by publishing a book called Darwin on Trial. In the years following that book, his attacks on Darwinism continued. Why?

The fundamental question is whether God is real or imaginary. The underlying thinking of Darwinism is the assumption that God is out of the picture.

My first HILL is entitled “In the Beginning.” My purpose is not to debate the existence or non-existence of God, but to begin with the first 4 words in the Bible: “In the beginning God.”  One of our Core Beliefs is found here. I’ll spend the morning looking at two main thoughts found in Romans 11: 33-36:

  • Five Foundational Truths
  • Three Unequaled Qualities

If you care to listen, the podcast will be on the church’s website. Meanwhile, I’d appreciate you praying for me and the church. And pray for the folks affected by both hurricanes.


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  1. This sounds like a fascinating sermon series, Bill. As Christians, we need to stand on God’s hill of Truth and be willing to give our “utmost for His highest.”
    I will be praying!

  2. floyd says:

    That’s gonna be a good series. I’ve read a lot about the Darwinism over the years and about Biblical science. I’ll have to check that book out.

    Praying for you and yours and the folks in harm’s way.

  3. Jeff says:

    I think all of science works quite well without the assumption that God is in the picture. Superstition and mythology require Gods but science does not.
    I’m pretty sure you are an atheist when it comes to most God’s and find little to no “Truth” in the many Gods other than your own.

  4. Karen Warner says:

    The problem with science for me, Jeff, is where did original matter come from? No one can has been able to answer that for me.

  5. Anonymouse says:

    Hey Bill, been loosely following your stuff for awhile.

    I figured I’d chime in for the first time this week, as you brought up one particular point. As an ex-Christian, I was understandably interested when you brought up one of the biggest points that led to me leaving the faith: the idea that God is omniscient but also grants is “free will.” This is a contradiction.

    If he truly knows everything, then by that logic God has known from the beginning of time every single person that will go to Hell, even before they are conceived.

    Yet if he also has a plan, this means he has preordained that these people end up there. If they had true free will over their choices and their fate, then God’s plan would be in jeopardy of not panning out exactly how he wishes.

    How can he claim to be loving when, if he is all-knowing, he created people knowing full well that they would never become a Christian and be sent to Hell?

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