Written by cycleguy on September 3rd, 2017

On this Labor Day weekend I salute all who work, those who labor honestly and do all they can to take care of their family. But in all our work there is also something we need to be aware of. It is in this story:

When George Mallory was once asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest, he famously answered, “Because it is there.” But in a personal letter to his wife, Ruth, he revealed even more about what drove him. “Dearest…you must know that the spur to do my best is you and you again…I want more than anything to prove worthy of you.”  George left a meaningful legacy that proved worthy of history’s remembrance. But George’s son John wrote something that has challenged me. Proud of his father but sad too, John wrote, “I would so much rather have known my father than to have grown up in the shadow of a legend, a hero, as some people perceive him to be.  (copied from The Imperfect Pastor by Zack Eswine- page 78)

Sadly, we live in an age where “making a living” or “making a name for ourselves” seems to be much more important than making a name with our children. The mountain “was there” but so was his son. It is far more important in my eyes to be a successful father in my daughters’ eyes than to be rich, powerful, or well-known.

Take time this Labor Day to reflect on what you have been blessed with. Work hard at what you do. But don’t forget there are people whom you come home to who don’t care if you are a CEO or a common laborer. Being a hero in their eyes is the prize worth pursuing.


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  1. floyd says:

    Great point, Bill. It’s always a fight for balance in life. And what we look like to our Maker should be far more important than what we look like to the rest of our fellow fallen.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Amen, Bill! Our work does not define us; relationships do.

  3. Jeff says:

    I agree with the balance. But that is no reason you can’t be very successful in business and in family. Family is not an excuse for poor results in other things.

  4. pam says:

    Putting our efforts into our family relationships far outweighs what we do elsewhere.

  5. Betty Draper says:

    Bill, I would love to copy this post to my facebook account buy I don’t see a “share” on your post. I think you have hit the nail on the head as they say when it comes to parents.

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