Written by cycleguy on November 3rd, 2017

Pat Williams, a leadership writer and also senior vice-president of the Orlando Magic, once wrote:

A leader is not just someone who takes charge. A leader is someone who takes charge and does the right thing. It’s not enough to make a decision; it needs to be the right decision resulting from strong character. It is not enough to take action; it needs to be the right action, prompted by strong character. (Leadership Excellence)

There are three illegitimate sources of influence people fall back on: Position, Power, and Prestige. None of those will “hold their weight.” When push comes to shove, they are nothing more than a house of cards.

In your mind, what is the single, most important character quality a leader (or anyone for that matter) can show? If you said “being a servant” give yourself an ice cream treat!  If you don’t like ice cream, I take gift cards. 🙂

Teams won’t be winning teams until they learn to serve each other.  As long as each player is in it for himself or herself, that team will not win. No pitcher has pitched a no-hitter without 8 other guys on the team. We should use our influence not to gratify or satisfy self, but to serve others. We take that very seriously here at OVCF and have worked hard to make that part of our church culture. This Sunday we have one service followed by a meal with The Connection (a church in town we have asked to join us) and then the two churches will spread out into the community doing free service for everyone who called to ask.  No strings attached…just service.

Your prayers for good weather (chance of rain) and for safety would be much appreciated.


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  1. Yes, Bill, I won the ice cream! I said to myself “servant leadership” before reading what you wrote. I will be praying for all of you this Sunday.

  2. Lisa notes says:

    As our good friend Floyd will likely point out, it’s all about humility, yes? It’s an elusive trait for most of us, but it’s one that imitates Christ so well. I want to keep learning more and more about humility but I find that I fail more than I succeed (and not just being falsely humble here, ha).

  3. Betty Draper says:

    I won too…I am working on a post from a young couple in the jungles of Papua New Guinea…the wife wrote it about her servant not perfect husband, it will bring tears to your eyes. Pray I can get it to work. Great idea Bill inviting another church for a meal and some good old fashion helping others as a team. Thats a great way to win those who do not know the Lord into the family of God.

  4. ceil says:

    Hi Bill! My family and I used to participate in “Chore Days”, where seniors and handicapped could sign up to have leaves raked, bushes trimmed etc.. It sounds a lot like what your church is doing. I hope your weather was okay? I was supposed to fly over Indiana on my way home yesterday, but we were diverted over to Arkansas because of bad weather there. I hope it missed you?