Written by cycleguy on October 1st, 2017

This has been “one of those years.” I’m not complaining, mind you, but informing.

November 5th: my first bike wreck. I was hit by a hit ‘n run driver on my left cheek. The lower one. 🙂  Seven weeks were spent sleeping in my recliner because I could not lay down.

February 17th: my second bike wreck. This one I have no clue about except it ended up in a broken collar bone, 3 broken ribs, a face plant and a split helmet. Yeah…thank God for the helmet.

February 22nd: surgery to repair the collarbone. More sleeping in the recliner.

July 24: Back surgery to correct back from November 5th hit ‘n run. The previous 2 months I was unable to sit in a chair or couch except for the dining room table. I slept 2 hours at a time then roamed the house between sleeping spots.  The surgeon cleaned out arthritis, shaved some spurs, shaved the disc, and found a bone fragment resting on a nerve. A sweet relief almost immediately. I still have some residual (and may always have it) but least I can sleep in bed and sit in my recliner!

Enter a friend. “Bill & Jo, (name of husband) and I, would like to give you a gift and hope you will accept it. You have been through so much and we feel led to offer you a week at a timeshare. You pick the time and the place and we will make the arrangements (and pay).” She hands us this h-u-g-e book of possible places-from Alaska to Hawaii and from coast to coast- and says, “Choose.” Since Jo has never seen the beach (except as a little girl) and it doesn’t matter to me (I wanted Alaska) we chose Daytona Beach after our first choice of Destin was not available.  I told someone several weeks ago we were going to Florida “if it was still there.”

We fly out Monday morning, October 2nd from Indianapolis, and will come back home Monday, October 9th.  If something good can come out of something so ugly as two bike wrecks and 2 surgeries, it has. Jo & I have reconnected in a way we have not known for some time. Like many marriages, we had allowed things to build up and take the place of meaningful communication and time with each other. We loved each other but had allowed other things to take precedence.

People have asked us, “What are your plans this week? What are you going to see? Where you going to go?”  The answer is easy: we have no clue. We have no agenda. No preconceived plans of where to go and what to do. Rest. Reconnect. Relax. Restaurants. Read. That’s it. If something strikes our fancy…then we will do it. It will be the first time in 44+ years of marriage we will be taking a vacation where we know no one.

So…I am unplugging all week. I’ll see you when I get back. I am unconcerned about things back here. Ryan and Diana will be fine without me. Ryan will be preaching Sunday. Until then…I will see you later…here or in the air.



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  1. Rodney Olsen says:

    I am so pleased for you. Sounds like it’ll be a wonderful time.

    Enjoy your break and give yourself complete license to disengage from all thoughts of life back home for the time you’re away. 🙂

  2. Betty Draper says:

    I love that you and Jo have no agenda…it will be restful because of that one thing. The fact you are taking a week by yourself, no family, no friends, no agenda…look forward to what God will teach you in your refreshing time.

  3. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! You both deserve a huge break, and the beach is absolutely lovely this time of year (off season). Wishing you both blessings!

  4. Jacci says:

    Enjoy every minute!

  5. Lisa notes says:

    Destin is a popular vacation destination from our area in Alabama. It’s so beautiful so I’m sorry you won’t be seeing it this trip, but I know you’ll enjoy the beach from wherever you are. Have a great time! We just returned from the interior of Florida to do hurricane clean-up, and they often reminded us that this was the “real” Florida, not just beaches and Disney. 🙂

  6. floyd says:

    Good for you two!!! That’s awesome. So happy for you. Praying for safe and restful travels.

  7. Linda Stoll says:

    Wow. I love that God has placed incredibly thoughtful and generous people in your lives, Bill. I hope you guys are having the time of your lives this week …

    It’s been quite a year. And you’ve showed us that God has been there at every bend in the road.

    Thank you for your testimony.

  8. ceil says:

    I’m so glad you can relax and disconnect. Enjoy every minute!!

  9. cycleguy says:

    From Dave: Sounds Wonderful!! Enjoy!

  10. cycleguy says:

    I’m bawling like a baby. This is such a small gift in comparison to what we have received, being spiritually fed and creating a hunger for more of Jesus.
    We love you and Jo & what you 2 do is not easy on a marriage. We appreciate everything you do for us, our church & community.
    Explore, fall in love, relax & renew