Written by cycleguy on October 11th, 2017

Seconds usually means a person goes to the food table to get “seconds,” a refill if you will.  Our second day was not a repeat of the first day. Some friends of ours, Ryan and Amanda, who used to live in Florida told us we had to go to Aunt Catfishes  in Port Orange. After a ’round about way to get there (thanks to the voice in our head phone), we finally arrived at Port Orange…early. Like very early. They didn’t open until 11:30. We got there about 10:00 so we just drove around in Port Orange. There really wasn’t much to see in the way of sightseeing, although we did get to see left over damage from Hurricane Irma.  Many folks had furniture, etc piled near the road. I felt bad for them. Sort of made me wonder how many lost a lot…most everything…or very little. We saw houses damaged. Palm tree leaves were piled high in multiple places. But the hour finally arrived and AC opened. I think they cheated a bit. We were there on the tick and multiple people were seated.

The food was everything Ryan and Amanda said it would be. I had salmon and a great salad bar! Jo had a hamburger. Yeah…go figure. 🙂 They had damage from Irma but largely due to a broken window that allowed 2 feet of water in. They just ripped out the carpet and went back into business after about 2 days.

We headed back to the timeshare and the following pictures will tell you enough of the day. Let’s just say 25 mph winds can kick up a surf.

Stay tuned tomorrow for what happens when a storm rages at sea within camera range.


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  1. Ryan says:

    Glad you enjoyed the suggestion.
    There was a lighthouse not too far from there… That is actually how we stumbled onto it.

    We try to avoid eating at places we can get back home… So hitting the local places is a must for us!

    Thanks for the photo narrative!

    • cycleguy says:

      It was an excellent suggestion. We did go to the Ponce lighthouse. That will come next week if that is the one you are referring to. We tried to avoid “home” eating places as well. For the most part, we succeeded.

  2. What? Jo didn’t eat seafood? 🙂
    Lovely photos once again, Bill. Sure makes me want to visit the beach . . . We love Jekyll Island here in GA.

    • cycleguy says:

      No…Jo doesn’t care for seafood. She did eat some fish and chips but the heavily breaded. The camera on my phone did take some nice pictures.

  3. floyd says:

    Good for you… except I’m not sure why you didn’t eat the catfish?