Written by cycleguy on December 5th, 2017

Something concerns me. I’m not totally sure what to do about it actually. Maybe it is more than just a concern too. It is an ache I don’t know how to take away.

Just recently our community was hit with the death of an 8th grader.  She died while sleeping. Rumors abound (as you can imagine). Rumors I refuse to be a part of. So far they are just rumors since no one knows how or why she died. I hate rumors. I despise talk without substantial proof. I’m sure you know what I mean.

Here is my concern. The death of a teenager, or anyone for that matter, is a “killer” to me. But what about those who are left behind? This is the Christmas season where people are wishing good cheer, joy, happiness,  and all those other wishes to people they see. But what about those who dread this time of the year? They hole up in their house or bedroom and have no desire to get out, see anyone, laugh, spread good cheer, nor any of those other “feel good” things.

Do we see their hurt? Do we feel their loneliness? Do we sense their desire to be left alone? Christmas is a particularly hard time for those who have lost people they love-spouse, parent, friend, child-so what do we do with and about and for them? The first of “everything” is the toughest-first Christmas, first holiday, first anniversary, first birthday.

So…I guess what I’m saying is “keep your eyes open” to those around you. There are many lonely, hurting people right out our back door. People who may not even know it, but people who need a hug, a smile, a word of encouragement, a card/note, or some other form of acknowledgment. What they don’t need is someone harping on them or criticizing them. Lend an ear. Lend a hand. Lend a smile. Lend a heart.

This song is not a “Christian” Christmas song. But it does talk about memories.


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  1. cycleguy says:

    From Gail: Sometimes it is not ” death” that leaves us “alone” & hurting. Abandonment is real and prevalent in today’s society. Estrangement is almost worse than death, because we know they’re living we know they’re alive and they choose in the worst way to cause the worst pain any human being can have. There is no finality in abandonment or estrangement.
    The holidays any holidays Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays are nothing but a miserable mess. So please don’t forget about us.

    • cycleguy says:

      Well said Gail. I was not purposely leaving you all out. And you know you are not forgotten but I’m glad you brought it to my and everyone’s attention.

  2. Jacci says:

    Well said and agree totally about rumors. Sometimes things appear in life to remind us about the importance of love, life, and maybe the meaning of Christmas.

  3. Such sad, sad news for this family and your community, Bill. Yes, let us strive to see others who are lonely, hurting, suffering, and reach out to them with love and kindness. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

  4. Lisa notes says:

    Excellent advice, Bill. May we keep our eyes and hearts open to those who don’t feel the “joy” in their worlds at this season. So sorry for the loss in your community. 🙁

  5. floyd says:

    Good call and reminder, Bill. Thanks for the head’s up. I’ll be praying for that girl’s family. Hard to fathom.

  6. Betty Draper says:

    My heart is heavy for my brother and his wife on the lost of their son to suicide in Oct. Also for his wife and two children left behind. Good reminders Bill, for all of us to keep our hearts open so we can help in anyway someone hurting.