Written by cycleguy on December 11th, 2017

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without songs. Old songs. New songs. Classics. Soon-to-be-classics. I’m going to do something different over the next two weeks. Because my schedule is whacked (and with Christmas it should slow down right?) I’ve decided to take a writing “break” so to speak. But I still want to maintain my presence here and also “bless” people. So…here is the deal.

On Christmas Eve morning our church family will be meeting at another facility. Our auditorium is way too small for our normal crowd. Normally in two services, we have gone to one service December through February for various reasons, and after the first two weeks, there is no doubt in my mind we will not have enough room. Unless, of course, we have a blizzard then we will have all the room in the world. (I’m praying we don’t). Anyway, this past week I spoke with our new neighbors, Bill & Suzie Abram, who have built an event center called Abram Farms Event Center. It is used for weddings, receptions, and all sorts of gatherings. Suzie has been so gracious to allow us to use it for our Christmas Eve morning worship.  To make things even better? She is allowing us to use it FREE of charge!!

I decided to do something different that morning long before we found that out. I am not preaching (some wanted to stand and clap when I announced that. I dispatched my security team) 🙂 🙂 Just kidding, of course. We are going to have a magical, musical Christmas Eve morning worship. Congregational singing. Special music by our own people. Families will be together that morning. We want to pack the barn (house)! My plan is to share with you some of the music we will be hearing and singing that morning.

Hanna O’Neal will be singing a new song called Noel. You can find it being sung by Lauren Daigle on Chris Tomlin’s new CD called “Adore.”  Here are two versions: one is just lyrics while the song is being sung; the other is a live version of Lauren singing it. Funny: I have not always been a fan of her singing, but she won me over big time with this song.  I guarantee you will fall in love with this song.


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  1. Linda Stoll says:

    Oh this sounds wonderful, Bill. Sure wish we could shrink the miles to join you at the Barn!


    The music, too …

    • cycleguy says:

      I would love to have you here Linda. Unfortunately, I don’t think we can record it either due to copyright laws. Glad you liked the song.

  2. Such a beautiful song, Bill! And your Christmas Eve gathering sounds perfect, filled with music and joy. May it bless all of you!

  3. Betty Draper says:

    Noel, come and see what God has done….I pray for your Christmas meeting that people are blown away what God has done. Putting getting the building aside which is a great thing but more than that…bringing freedom and hope to a room full of believers. I pray for those who will be there that don’t know Him…pray they are blown away by what God has done for them. Sounds like it’s going to be a beautiful service Bill, expect great things, expect God to do great things.

  4. floyd says:

    You’re single handedly getting me in the Christmas spirit!