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Written by cycleguy on January 11th, 2018

My sermon for this Sunday begins a new series called “Transformed.” I’m going to be dealing with verses 1-2 this week…more verse 2 than the first.


I think it a vital and much-needed message for our day and age. When Tami (our daughter) saw my title and Scripture, she told me then texted me a link to a song I should use. I was going to until I was riding my bike this morning (inside) and was listening to Kutless on my Spotify playlist. I heard a song I am going to use instead. Actually, I plan to use that for my Music Monday post. But for this post, I want to play the song Tami suggested. Hope you enjoy it.  Click here to listen to it. And trust me when I say she and I DO NOT have the same tastes.

They are calling for some really nasty weather to come in later today (Thursday). I tend to agree with Doc Brown on this one: “Since when can the weatherman predict the weather?” Ice (1-3″) followed by the possibility of up to 9″ of snow. I HOPE THEY ARE DEAD WRONG!  But if not, not much I can do about it except stay safe and warm.

You do the same.


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  1. Ed says:

    Going all in sometimes can mean a lot of things…going deeper into your relationship with God, or going deeper into your life with Him. Sometimes I think that if we chose to go deeper into our life with Him, we have this moment where we say “What did I get myself into!” But as Jesus would say “It’s not easy, but it will be worth it!”

  2. I hope the weather guys are dead wrong, too, Bill. Stay safe!

  3. Linda Stoll says:

    Transformed. All in. Yep, that’s who I want to be.

    Thanks for the prompt and reminder, Bill.

    Weekend blessings …

  4. RodneyOlsen says:

    A great reminder at any time but especially at this time of year when we’re setting the standard for the year to come.

    As far as the weather’s concerned, I’ll think of you as I’m out on my bike enjoying our summer conditions. Stay safe.

    • cycleguy says:

      This is a good time of the year to be reminded. And thanks for rubbing it in. My consolation is winter here is summer there but soon summer will be here and winter will be there…although I’m sure its not as harsh as here. 🙂 Thanks for coming by.

  5. floyd says:

    I like that song too. You’re on a roll!

    It pains me to tell you this, but I feel like it’s my job to keep you informed; it was 77 here today…

    • cycleguy says:

      See above comment about rubbing it in. 🙂 Jo and I have said recently we now understand why old people go to Florida or Arizona in the winter. LOL. Glad you liked the song Floyd. There are more coming so hope I stay on a roll