Written by cycleguy on March 23rd, 2018

Being called a fool is not a complementary term. It is sort of akin to moron or idiot in our use of the word.  Tragically, we have often played the fool when it comes to spiritual things. We think we know best. We get eternity amnesia. We get big-picture amnesia.

We also get cross-amnesia. Down through the years teaching on the cross has evolved…and that has not always been good.  The cross took a back seat. I will post about the history of that fiasco next week.

This Sunday is Palm Sunday. I was asked Sunday by someone new to church what Palm Sunday was. I explained it to him, but told him I’m glad he asked. In biblical days, the cross was seen as a symbol of cruelty and judgment upon those who deserved it. It was seen as a way to mete out punishment to the worst of the worst. In our day, the cross is seen as a symbol of foolishness. Vicarious redemption is seen as a stupid act and totally unnecessary. There is a word for that (I’ll let you fill that one in).

This Sunday I’ll continue my True North series but also talk about the cross using I Corinthians 1:18-2:5.  I’m going to do that with two thoughts:

  • I reaffirm the necessity of the cross
  • I reaffirm the necessity of God’s wisdom.

Prayers would be appreciated. And thank you ahead of time.




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  1. No, being called a fool is not complimentary in secular terms, but I’ll be a fool for Christ any day of the week.
    Praying, Bill!

  2. Betty Draper says:

    You have been prayed for …

  3. Jeff says:

    Vicarious redemption is not a stupid act or unnecessary imho. It is simply an immoral way of thinking. Somehow I can abuse people throughout my life, make the right propitiations at the end, and end up forgiven, guiltless, and as pure as pure can be? Not in my world. Our responsibilities are to each other, not to some imaginary friend in the sky. It is immoral to preach otherwise.