Written by cycleguy on February 16th, 2018

The life of faith is the only life that pleases God, and nothing else matters if faith is missing.

It is easy to look at stories in the Bible as old and dusty, sort of like dead men walking. But consider it another way: dead men talking. This Sunday we are going to look at three men who though dead, still speak.

I like this quote which I came across as I was studying for this sermon: “Death is never the last word in the life of a righteous man. When a man leaves this world, be he righteous or unrighteous, he leaves something in the world. He may leave something that will grow and spread like a cancer or a poison, or he may leave something like a fragrance of perfume or a blossom of beauty that permeates the atmosphere with blessing.” 

That quote is quite sobeing. Man leaves this world either a Paul or a Nero/Hitler/or someone of that ilk.

The three men we are going to study are from Hebrews 11: 4-7…Abel, Enoch, and Noah. Great testimonies to what God can do with a person sold out to Him and willing to follow Him by faith. Your prayers are appreciated.


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  1. floyd says:

    Great thought to ponder. Praying for you, Bill.

  2. Prayers coming your way, Bill!

  3. Betty Draper says:

    My prayer is that when I am gone other, especially my children and grandchildren will say…if Mom were here she would say this. Or remember what Mom said about this…it is a sobering quote.

  4. Arny Sanchez says:

    Hey Bill, hope all is well. This is something that his been weighing on my mind lately. What kind of legacy will i leave for my children?

  5. Jeff says:

    Most people just die and go away and are forgotten. That will probably be me, and you, and everyone you know. So why get goofy about it.

    • It may be a lot of things in your book, Jeff, but it certainly isn’t goofy. The imprint we leave on this world, be it large or small, does not go unnoticed. And when we act in kindness toward others, showing them the love of God, who knows how many positive and life-changing ripples we create in the otherwise calm lakes? We may not live to know the difference we make, but God knows.
      May He bless you!

      • cycleguy says:

        Frankly, jeff, I realize some will not miss me. But I don’t my life to have counted for nothing. I hope I have made a difference in someone’s life in these (now) 65 years I have lived.

        • Jeff says:

          I am sure you have impacted lives. Some positive and some negative. My only point is in the history of the world it really won’t matter.

          • cycleguy says:

            To be totally honest, I don’t really care about the history of the world. I do, however, care about the history of my world and have I made a difference. I’m not delusional enough to think my life can have a world-wide impact.

      • cycleguy says:

        I totally agree Martha. It isn’t goofy at all. What kind of legacy I leave behind is critical to me.