Written by cycleguy on March 20th, 2018

D.L.Moody once said, “No one should every preach about hell without tears in his eyes.” And so I write this post with tears in my eyes. I confess: I am angry. I’m angry at the blatant disregard for God’s Word. I’m angry at the “free translation” taken for the purpose of bilking millions out of seeing and hearing the truth of God’s Word. All for money, prestige, fame, and a following. Please let me explain. And again…I write this with tears in my eyes. AND IT IS MY OPINION and not to be taken as coming from OVCF.

Several weeks ago I could be found reading a book called Defining Deception by Costi Hinn (Benny’s nephew) and Anthony G. Wood. Actually, reading this book is a furthering of my study on what is called the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR).  The NAR is neither new, apostolic or reformed.  Plain and simple it is heresy.  The main proponent of this heresy today is Bill Johnson and Bethel Redding and Jesus Culture.  There are others, of course. Deception always has more than one, but he is the one who is the “figurehead” of the movement. It started again (it has been going on for quite some time in various forms) with C. Peter Wagner who taught that he was an apostle and there were others as well…Johnson being one of them. Todd White,  Heidi Baker, Kris Vallotton, Danny Silk, and others are also part of it. The NAR also hangs its hat with the likes of Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Joel Osteen, and other Prosperity Doctrine & Health/Wealth false teachers.  Heretical teaching like denying the deity of Jesus Christ; ungodly practices like “grave sucking;” tarot card (called Destiny cards) readings; “guaranteed” healing in the Atonement (using Isaiah 53:5); setting up men today as “Apostles;” women as prophetesses; and other false ideas has me a tad bit upset. My first blog was 2/20/08 and in all the years since can probably count on one hand hitting on someone else or naming names.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote this post called “Lies.” Since then I have finished Defining Deception and highly encourage you to read it. Here’s the deal: you can have one of three responses to reading it:

  1. You can get as mad as “all get out” and never come back to my blog.  i hope that will not be the case. I’ll miss you, but I simply cannot apologize for my stand.
  2. You can purchase the book and read it for yourself (which I hope you will do) and come to your own decision.
  3. You will agree and cement your stand for the truth of God’s Word in an age of cults and wild “God-works-this-way-today” accusations.

Costi and Anthony have done a great service to us by writing this book. Costi, especially, has taken “heat” from his family for his truthfulness. BTW: they finish the book with 5 excellent appendices.



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  1. Betty Draper says:

    When I was a brand new Christian I listened to a few like Kenneth Copeland until I compared what they said to the Word. I would take something I heard to my husband and he would show me where it was not scriptural right, taking out of content, always making it sound like we can have heaven here on earth, always me, me, me, using Jesus name to promote themselves. I can tell you this, you will not find them sacrificing their life in the darkest parts of the world for years, learning an unwritten language, culture, giving out the gospel. Oh they hold huge rallies in the cities for a week, teaching their prosperity message to those whose life as far as stuff will not change if they accept Jesus plus signs such as speaking in tongues or healing. The devil works heavily at these rallies. They usually never talk about a heart change but a financial change if those listening accept the watered down gospel. It’s so sad because they give a false foundation. God bless you for taking a stand…

  2. Thank you, Bill, for outing these false teachers of the faith. I know that exposing these frauds must have been particularly hard on Costi, but truth is truth and should be told.

    • cycleguy says:

      It was hard on him Martha. he described the reaction he received and still receives from many in his family. I’m glad he stood for truth.

  3. Ed says:

    I was always under the impression that an apostle is someone who establishes a church were there is no church at all. They basically come right after the evangelist exits. But of course I could be wrong. There seems to be an overabundance of churches these days, so if my impression is wrong, then there should be no more apostles in the many cities both in America, and the cities outside of America.

    • cycleguy says:

      Apostles (the original 12) had two qualifications: taught my Jesus and seen the risen Lord. (Acts 1:21-22. Hence no apostles today. They were to 1) lay the foundation for the church and 2) to receive and declare the revelation of God’s Word and 3) to give confirmation of that Word through signs and wonders and miracles. The office of apostle no longer exists.

  4. floyd says:

    I marvel at the people who teach and the ones that listen, knowing full well the Bible as a whole is never about the flesh, but about the heart.

    Years ago Hank Hanegraaff wrote a book titled Counterfeit Revival. It traced the roots of the self help wealth doctrine to Eastern Mysticism.

    • cycleguy says:

      put well Floyd; the Bible is never about the flesh but about the heart. And there is proof that Eastern Mysticism is still found “rooting itself” in the Mystical-Miracle Movement.