Written by cycleguy on May 3rd, 2018

I haven’t been very active here or at other blogs this week. There is a reason for that.  It is called


Ever since 2009 (with a few years in between) and now, we have had an annual, and sometimes semi-annual Day of Service. We go out and serve in the community in various ways. We do oil changes and minor repairs in the Fall but this year is extra special. First, here is where we are serving:

MyPath-a trail which is only part of the proposed trail from the Y to McCormick’s Creek State Park

Horse Angels– a horse rescue farm run by Sue Whitman, a local vet

The Brown-Cunningham Kennels– Gary and Becky rescue dogs and have quite an operation for 2 people

Cooper Commons and OC Fairgrounds– flood waters play havoc with both places. We plan to help clean up

Local people who need help with yard work and other minor repairs and clean up

The exciting part of this for me is the involvement of two others: The Connection-a community church (they have been our partners for 3-4 years); and the Owen County (OC) Chamber of Commerce. I am on the board of the Chamber but Cassandra Toth is our new Executive Director and she wanted to get involved in some way with cleaning things up in OC. When I told her what James (one of the pastors at The Connection) and I had planned she jumped on board with us.  Here is the really cool thing: we met yesterday (Wednesday) and compared notes, etc. We have over 70+ people helping. 70+!!!

2 churches + 1 chamber = making a difference

What a phenomenal event it would be if it became a county wide Day of Service! All sizes, shapes, colors, makes and models coming together for one day to help clean up the town of Spencer and the county as a whole. Little baby steps though to start. The weather is supposed to be good (you can pray for that). But I can’t wait to make the rounds from 1:00-4:00 this Sunday to see what is happening!!

And if you are involved in OVCF, we will only have one service this Sunday at 10:00.


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  1. James Owens says:

    Thank you for sharing this BIll. It is a great privilege to partner with OVCF and the Chamber to serve our community! I am really looking forward to this Sunday!!

    • cycleguy says:

      I’m honored that you guys and the Chamber wanted to join us. I can’t wait to see what good will happen in our community.

  2. Lisa notes says:

    I always love when you share about this day, Bill! It encourages me to see the body of Christ at work in our communities.

  3. Pam says:

    What a great service and witness to your community, Bill. Prayers for you all as you become the hands and voice of Jesus to so many.

  4. Betty Draper says:

    Our church along with others do the very same thing. I have never got to be involved yet because of traveling but we are hoping this year to make it. That kind of event speaks to the lost too.

  5. floyd says:

    So cool that your actions match your words, brother.