Written by cycleguy on July 15th, 2018

I spoke today about Joshua’s last words to the people of Israel before “he went the way of all men.” (23: 14) Included in his last words is the very familiar challenge of 24:15:


That phrase is more, and has to be more, than a cutesy little plaque we put on our living room wall or on the door which enters our home. I found something as I was studying which I never knew before.  The Hebrew construction of this verse (and I know no Hebrew so I take it the scholars are right) indicates what Joshua is saying is “I have chosen; I am choosing; and will go on choosing.”

Is that not cool or what?

That sort of lays to rest the cutesy plaque. That also puts to rest that coming to Jesus is a one-time deal. It is more than saying a prayer; signing on the dotted line; being baptized; making a public confession or any other form of admission to following Jesus. The life of following Jesus is one of surrender.

My video today is here. The lyrics are pretty clear as you listen. May it be your anthem for this week.


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  1. Following Jesus does require a daily surrender to Him. And I love that translation you shared here, Bill. Definitely underscores the need for fresh commitment to the Lord each day.

  2. floyd samons says:

    The amazing gift of free will is mind stretching.

    Each day is a choice. Thanks for the powerful reminder. That’s good stuff. I like learning new things.

  3. Pam says:

    “I have chosen; I am choosing; and will go on choosing.” Loved this translation! Following Jesus is an ever-ongoing process.