Written by cycleguy on August 12th, 2018

I was getting out of my truck the other day to lock a door and had my music blaring loud playing. I honestly wasn’t thinking anything about it since I tend to listen to my music a lot little louder than Jo likes it.  But she wasn’t with me; I was heading for the gym to work out; so I opened my door to get something at the church building and left the door open. Two people were talking and all of a sudden, the man who is close to my age said, “I love your choice of music Bill!” Say what? Someone else likes my choice of music? So I made a comment about the artist being from the ’70s and all of a sudden he shouted out the words to part of the chorus which came on that moment. I cracked up! I think the young lady who was there had to be wondering what is wrong with these two old codgers. 🙂

My song this week is NOT a Christian song, unless you look at it as a man’s thoughts about his wife. I do.  After 45 years I still feel this way about Jo. We have both changed. Wrinkles have replaced smooth skin. There is a bit more weight on both of us. There is less hair on our heads. We aren’t as active and energetic as we used to be.  I have put her through the wringer-moving more than we should have (much of it due to my arrogance). We have had our emotional ups and downs. She has put up with my bike wrecks and surgeries as a result. But she still loves me. Go figure!

She’s some kind of wonderful. These past two years have shown me more than ever how much she loves me. And have shown me how much I love her and how valuable she is to me.

My song this week is a feel-good song.  It is a good toe-tapping song. Maybe even one which will take you down memory lane. The only “Christian” part of this besides love for your mate, is Mark Farner gave his life to Christ and sang about the “sweet loving Savior” when he redid it.


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  1. Larry says:

    Good song, Bill!!!

  2. Ed says:

    Absolutely love that song! An interesting side note is that one of the former members of the group Kiss is the guitar player for GFR now.

    I not only love blasting the music in my truck, but singing along to it as well. Yeah, I have the thump thump going on as well..at the age of 51. 🙂

  3. Linda Stoll says:

    I never know what kind of song you’re going to put on the table, Bill.

    And THAT, I like.

  4. Wow, Bill, that song took me back in time in the best of ways! Jo is definitely some kind of wonderful for you and, dare I say it, I know Danny would say the same about me. That’s a humbling blessing!
    Love to the both of you!

    • cycleguy says:

      Me too martha. I get nostalgic from time to time and love listening to my “oldies.” And I can bet (if I was a betting men) that Danny would say the same about you.

  5. cycleguy says:

    From Gail: Love love this. Oh the song too. Lol

  6. Pam says:

    The beat is definitely catchy in that one, Bill! And how cool that Mark Farner gave his heart to Jesus! I love to hear that!

    • cycleguy says:

      I like the beat as well Pam. And yes, it is cool. he is a little rough around the edges for me but if he is speaking for Jesus I’ll let HIM be the judge.

  7. floyd samons says:

    This brought back memories! Grand Funk is one of the underrated bands of the 70’s. Their harmonies are right up there with the Eagles.

    Suddenly I’m thinking of a roller rink… and Ferries Wear Boots… from an earlier album.