Written by cycleguy on November 13th, 2018

We often hear people talking about “making a difference.” Their desire to make a difference will have one of two affects. One, they will think about it; stew over it; lament over the state of things; cry over it; even speak about it; but do nothing about it!

There are also those who want to make a difference and it will change them. No longer satisfied to sit on the sidelines, they will become advocates and fight for something.

That is not a political statement. I despise politics-government, home, church, sports, and anywhere else where there are people who think they can throw their weight around and get what think is theirs. Even if it means lying, cheating, slandering, gossiping, and a host of other ugly things.

Jesus’ parable in Matthew 25 was not a political statement. Sheep on the right; goats on the left. Nope, not a political statement whatsoever. But it was a statement pertaining to following Jesus by caring for others. You have seen them: the hungry, naked, thirsty, lonely, in prison, homeless.  Making a difference in their lives is what Jesus is talking about. I asked a question Sunday: How do I make a difference?  How do I show compassion? I answered it this way:

Allow our heart to break.  Someone once said, “Break my heart with the things that break the heart of God.”  Melinda Gates, Bill’s wife, once said, “If you want to make a difference, you have to let your heart break.”

Ask God for a mission. Many missions are started because of personal experience. I’ve dreamed for years of opening a home for abused or “lost” woman. Our little community does not have the sex trafficking issue a big city does (at least that I know of) but alcohol and opioids have played havoc with families. Seems like daily I read of another bust or broken home and children finding their way to DCS. Scary thought that.

Making a difference starts with me. With you. And one person at a time. But we have to start.


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  1. Allowing our hearts to break . . . Yes, Bill, that begins our call to make a difference in this hurting world.

  2. Kari Scare says:

    Definitely the call of every Christian. Follows Jesus’ example too.

  3. Linda Stoll says:

    Talk is cheap and dreams come easy. But to do the hard work of living them out requires passion and resilience that few of us are willing to muster up.

    Thanks for the challenge, Bill …

  4. floyd samons says:

    May we all have that compassion that you speak and write of. If we carry our Savior’s namesake, it is our calling.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  5. How often I have thought my best years are over, age is creeping in, energy has takes a nose dive often. I know I have a fire in me to continue to be used of Him, to make a difference in others lives. Not to long ago I read a post that was titles, Make it count…that’s been my prayer ever since I read that. Lord make my older years more fruitful then my younger years. My heart is ready for the challenge you have given us Bill, thanks.