Written by cycleguy on January 1st, 2019

A Quiet Roar: Sometimes Disruption Is Overdue

Over the years I have read a ton-and I mean a ton!- of books. As you might imagine, most are of the non-fiction type. After all, my work as a pastor requires I read, read, and read some more.

But every once in awhile I come across a fiction book that grips me and won’t let me go. Back in 1994 I read the very first book by Randall Arthur called Wisdom Hunter (WH). I read it one year later on a personal fasting retreat and wept through most of it because it was like looking into a mirror-seeing what I didn’t like-but wanting so badly to be what I read. WH was the final nail in my coffin of legalism. The follow up to that book was titled Betrayal, and once again I was filleted. Jason Faircloth, the pastor from WH made a very pointed appearance in Betrayal and once again pointed out the dangers of legalism. In between Mr. Arthur wrote Jordan’s Crossing, another Jason Faircloth book, only this time dealing with Jordan’s emptiness caused by liberalism. The final installment (or so I thought) was Forgotten Road, a novel dealing with the emptiness of the health/wealth (un)gospel. Jason made an appearance in that book as well.

Imagine my surprise and excitement when Randall Arthur’s publishing company announced a new novel! Man, I jumped on that like bugs on a night light. As it was I was #102 of 120 signed copies. I gotta tell ya! If you read no other novel this coming year, please please please read Quiet Roar. The main character is like a female version of Jason Faircloth. Take a hot topic (female pastors…which I am saying neither yay or nay to here); add in a lot of small town church drama; a mysterious woman; and even more mysterious benefactor; a dash of contemporary culture and world events (Muslims, the church not staying so “white”, and some other events); and I kid you not, you have a recipe for a lot of sleepless nights (or at least staying up past your normal bed time).  Right now it is only available from Amazon on Kindle. HOWEVER, you can purchase it directly from Randall’s website.  I personally know Randy and he is the real deal.

May I also suggest reading Wisdom Hunter and Betrayal (since renamed Brotherhood of Betrayal) as companion volumes? You can find all his other books on Amazon as well as his website. I GUARANTEE your life and faith will no longer be the same.


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  1. Linda Stoll says:

    I applaud a pastor who makes the time to dive into fiction, non-Christian books, and other types of reading that aren’t necessarily Biblically inspired.

    We read through a Christ-centered worldview, don’t we. And our borders get enlarged in the process.

    • cycleguy says:

      I have to confess that I am pretty picky about the non-Christian ones Linda. But this one is biblically-based with a great great story. I like to enlarge my borders.

  2. Oh, no, another book recommended and one that sounds absolutely intriguing, Bill! I say, “Oh, no,” because I tend to go hog wild when ordering books, and have to watch those purse strings. I will definitely write down this author, though, as my birthday is coming in March.

    • cycleguy says:

      Oh No! Makes me laugh. I love it when I get people in trouble over books. 🙂 Wisdom Hunter will be on its way soon. The rest will be up to you…

  3. Ed Damas says:

    I’ve got about 10 books all waiting to be read… not fun. However I still take time to read the New Morning Mercies Devotional you sent me, even started reading again. 🙂