Written by cycleguy on March 6th, 2019

I’ve been absent from this blog all week. Along with daily ministry life, I conducted a funeral yesterday (Tuesday) of a lovely lady. It has got me thinking of heroes. Not the fake Marvel kind. The real kind.

The funeral was for a beautiful lady named Carolyn. She has fought Parkinson’s for 10 years. She was a vibrant lady up until the end, even after her diagnosis. She refused to allow this ugly disease to stop her from enjoying life. As was stated by several members of her family (son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren) she refused to give up and give in to the disease. The last couple of years it began catching up to her, but the anesthesia for a knee replacement is what really took her down. Carolyn is a hero because she refused to quit. Her family are heroes because they loved her well. All of them. Three boys who adored her. Their wives. The grandchildren and sadly, great-grandchildren (3) who will never really get to enjoy her arms.

I spoke at length with one of my family members yesterday afternoon.  His wife has had had Alzheimers since 2010. She can no longer talk or walk but he continues to take her to the mall to walk (she rides while he pushes) and to care for her at home. They will be married 59 years this June. Not only is that love, my uncle is my hero. He loves her well.

I spoke with a brother of mine last week. Just shy of their 18th anniversary she suffered a stroke that has left her unable to play music, among other things.  He has had to move them from San Diego to Washington state due to finances. He also is care-giver for her Down syndrome son, who is probably 30 something I’m guessing. My brother is my hero. He is loving her and him well, even two years into this ordeal.

Kirby and Marge have been living with MS (Kirby for over 10 years; Marge even longer). They refuse to give up. Even flare ups are seen as “blips” in their full life. They are examples of “the rain falls on the just and the unjust,” but also of those followers of Christ who refuse to quit. They are the inspiration for me riding in the MS150 in August.  Heroes both.

Real heroes don’t wear capes; have indestructible shields; fly at the speed of light; smash when green; wear a suit of armor that talks to you; shrink or grow in size; or any of the other characteristics we associate with a superhero. My heroes are real people.  Real people who put their pants on the same way I do, but show extraordinary love and grace. Real heroes are people who love well. They live well by giving their lives away.

How about you? Know any heroes you need to tell?


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  1. Ryan S. says:

    Bill, this is a great post! I love the real-life heroes you have shared.

  2. Yes, these are all heroes, and then some, Bill. And I have known many like that over the years, and my life has been enriched because of them. I pray to be a hero to others in the name of the Lord.

  3. Crystal says:

    Sunday I witnessed a pastor get up in front of his church to open the service, 3 months after having a massive stroke. There was a lot of tears – he still struggles to communicate but there was no doubt God was present in that service. The music was more “heavenly” than usual. The presence of God was palpable. As a friend put it – God used this young pastor’s stroke as a “platform” to share his message. I’ve seen a lot of stroke victims through the years and typically they show a lot of anger anf bitterness, but there was zero of that evidenced in this pastor. There are no words to describe the impact people like him have on others and how it opens the door for God to work in ways that are indescribable. I know I will never be the same as a result of Sunday’s experience.

  4. floyd samons says:

    Awesome post and tribute to the ones that show the love of God with their actions. These heroes are running the good race.

  5. I know lots of heroes Bill, they are everywhere. Usually they don’t complain, they just go about their day. I had someone tell me the other day, their issue with never enough money was her lot in life. She did not say it in a angry way but more of an acceptance way because she went on to say we always have what we need. I just got off the phone with a women who husband is in bed 3/4 of his day, hardly ever talks to her from depression, she is a hero. Thanks for reminded us of those hero’s. I know they will get extra large jewels in their crown to lay at His feet. Grateful for the ones I know as they challenge me.

    • cycleguy says:

      You are right Betty. Real heroes are everywhere. All we need to do is to look around and we can find them anywhere. Thanks for commenting.

  6. Matt Truesdel says:

    Thank you Bill. My mom was my hero and my best friend

    • cycleguy says:

      I was honored Matt that you and Gina, Mark & Holli, and Luke asked me to do her funeral. I pray you will heal over losing your mom.