Written by cycleguy on April 28th, 2019

Last week Jo and I took off on Tuesday morning for Ohio. We had received word from our daughter, Janna, that our favorite grandson was going to be receiving an award but that neither she nor Jason were going to be able to go. So we begrudgingly drove over to be at his award ceremony.  The catcher of this is that he did not know so we simply told him we wanted to see them all…which was true! We just didn’t tell him the whole story.  Tuesday night we all went out to Texas Roadhouse, which is typical when we do go.  He didn’t know we were celebrating him.

Anyway, the next morning we made our way to his school, signed in, got our visitor tag and sat and waited. He did not know we were there until I had to scratch my head and he saw the movement. So I smiled, wiggled my fingers underneath my chin, and watched him smirk.

Here is his award:

We were so proud of him, hence the #poppingbuttons title. He was excited about receiving it (can’t you tell?).

He may have not been too excited about receiving the award but we were!!  Here are two more pictures from his award day. One when his principle was taking his picture and let me horn in on it and the other with his mamaw (and yes, he is getting taller and getting close to her).  🙂










It was a whirlwind trip. We came back Wednesday right after the ceremony. But it was well worth it.  Now you know what we did for two days last week. I love this boy…er soon-to-be-teenager…er young man. And he really is my favorite grandson!


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  1. Glynn says:

    Being a grandparent is the greatest job in the world.

  2. You should be popping buttons, Bill – What a wonderful award! Who could ask for more than that from any child or grandchild? You all are blessed!
    (Oh, and just an aside here: Virginia’s school is named “Liberty,” too!)

  3. It’s worth every mile and minute to be a part of Grandchildren lives if we can. This morning my 3 year old grandson was helping me wash window which he loves to do, also he loves to help me dust. He said with a smile, Grandma you are helping me grow up. I am almost crying as I write this. Now sure what those words meant in his mind but they told me he is worth everything. I have been thinking about getting a dog, a little one, way too costly if you buy it from a breeder though. Besides my little 3 year old is a much fun as any little puppy. He gives the best kisses, makes me laugh, wants me to do everything with him and he is potty trained. Be proud brother of that grandson, be proud.

  4. Lisa notes says:

    Yep, you two are definitely wonderful grandparents! And your daughter and s-i-l must be pretty good parents too. Congratulations to Braden!

  5. floyd says:

    How awesome!!!

    That’s so cool you guys are so close to your grandson and family! God has blessed you big time! But I know I don’t have to convince you!

  6. Ed says:

    That’s so awesome and cool! Glad you could be there!