Written by cycleguy on June 2nd, 2019

I may be absent from my blogs for a couple of days. Not sure.  Tami’s 44th birthday (and yes I gave her age) is Monday. She has always wanted to go to PNC Park in Pittsburgh to see my Pirates play. Actually it would be more accurate to say “her Braves” play my Pirates but this is my blog. 🙂  So for her birthday we are taking her since they are playing each other on Tuesday.

We plan to leave after 2nd service today and head to Ohio. Spend the night and take Braden (our grandson) with us to the game.  I asked him “If you had a chance to watch the Pirates play the Giants who would you root for?” Without hesitation he said, “Giants because the Pirates are in the same division as the Reds.” Same with the Dodgers. Then I asked him if the Pirates were playing the Braves who would you root for? He said, “Neither.” Hmmm. I’m going to have to teach that boy a lesson in grandfatherly-love.  Anyway, we will be staying with my brother, Rob, and his wife Joy, and also have a chance to visit with one of my other brothers and his family on Monday night.

We had planned on returning home on Wednesday but Jo’s sister was taken to the hospital on Friday night so we will drop Braden off then head up to Sandusky to stay for a day or two.  I’m not really sure about posting here or on my other blog. Guess I’ll have to see what transpires as well as internet connection.

I’d appreciate your prayers for safe travel, a good time, and for Jo’s sister.  Thanks.


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  1. Have a marvelous time, Bill, and I’ll keep you all, especially Jo’s sister, in prayer.

    • cycleguy says:

      Have had a marvelous time with Braden and my brothers. Laughed a lot. Thanks for the prayers for Jo’s sister. It is going to be a long road.

  2. floyd says:

    Have a great time! I’m rooting for the home team!

    Praying for a safe trip.

  3. Lisa notes says:

    Sounds like some fun times and then some tough times with Jo’s sister. Praying for safety and peace all the way through!