Written by cycleguy on June 23rd, 2019

I find myself in a precarious situation these days. I’m trying to balance being the pastor of OVCF and being a supportive husband to Jo.  In this post about our trip to PA I also mentioned that we would be taking a side trip to Ohio to see Jo’s sister who was put in the hospital.  She has since been placed in a long-term facility and just this past Thursday was placed back in the hospital as the doctor was concerned about her kidney function.  Meanwhile, we found out on that side excursion that she did not have an apartment to go back to. So it falls on me and Jo to clean it and “divest it” of clutter and other items.  So we leaving today (Sunday after worship) and planning to stay the week to get as much done as we can.  On Friday we are heading to Columbus to watch our grandson play baseball then coming home Saturday morning. On Sunday we plan to repeat everything (except watching him play). We have no clue how long it will take to empty her place.  She has no TV, no phone, no internet so I am going to be out of commission unless I can find a Wifi somewhere close by.  So I will be absent from this blog (and possibly my other one) for the week.  So I leave you with this:

Daniel lived a life of integrity. In Daniel 6 there are 4 marks of integrity we find:

  1. His attitude. [Verse 3].  Psalm 75:7 is a good verse to go along with that.
  2. He was faithful at work. [Verse 4]. They could find no grounds for complaint against him.  Pr.20:6-7  is important for us.
  3. His personal purity. [Verse 4b].  Isn’t that interesting? “They could find no complaint against him.”
  4. A consistent walk with God. [Verse 10].  Daniel knew it meant trouble to do what he always did but guess what? He did what he always did!! 🙂

Living a life of integrity is no guarantee things will go well. But we are not here to gain man’s approval. We are to please an audience of One.

Have a great week if I don’t see you here sooner!


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  1. Glynn says:

    My younger brother and I had the duty of breaking up my mother’s home, when she moved to an assisted living home (she wouldn’t leave New Orleans, and physical infirmities meant she couldn’t live alone any more). She had lived in the house for 59 years. She had kept her belongings pared down pretty well, but we still had to make decisions we preferred not to make. It was hard for her, and it was hard for us.

  2. Crystal says:

    Prayers for all of you 🙏 Jo’s sister holds a special place in my heart 💞 and she is blessed to have family who step in and help.

  3. You will be missed around the blogosphere, Bill, but know my prayers are with both you and Jo, and her sister.
    Safe travels and blessings!

  4. Lisa notes says:

    Praying that you find that right balance, Bill. It’s a hard one. My husband does a LOT of volunteer work, and I’ve starting having dreams that he’s abandoning me for that. I know he never would, but sometimes even good things can take the place of better things. I know God will give you wisdom as you divide your time between the good and better things.

  5. Betty Draper says:

    My mother had very little when she went into a nursing home. She started giving me pictures, jewelry, her few decorations, it was like she knew what was coming. I am sure God will give you some nuggets for your blog as you help Jo’s sister. It is a good thing that you do Bill, a good thing.