Written by cycleguy on July 19th, 2019

I’ve been absent from this blog this week for a reason. While I have some things churning in my mind, I decided to let them soak a bit more.  For example, the crybaby athletes who think they aren’t getting paid enough. The belligerence of Megan Rapinoe, who does nothing more than play a game, but refuses to put her hand over her heart when the national anthem is being played. “Punishing” a soccer player because her faith would not allow her to wear the Pride colors as a uniform. Reading Costi Hinn’s new book on the Prosperity Gospel and the disgust that boils and wants to come to the surface. Yeah…don’t get me started.  I need time.  🙂

So, let’s go to something else. Sunday’s sermon. I am starting a new series within my theme-of-the-year: “Unsinkable.” My original intention was to put this under Heroes (my last series) but I’m going to be spending several weeks, almost two months on this, so I decided to rename it and pursue another angle.  My subject will be Joseph. My series will be called Icebergs.  It was an iceberg that sank Titanic and it is icebergs that will sink our faith as well.  Joseph’s life is one iceberg after another and I want to use them as a catalyst to teach us how we too can overcome those things that will trip us up if we allow them to.

This Sunday, as you can see by the title, is on his dysfunctional family. I plan to trace his family from the beginning to his present state and show how he overcame a lousy beginning to become the patriarch and the man he did.  Your prayers would be appreciated.


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  1. Pam says:

    Bill, it sounds like you were struggling with some of the same things Dick and I are pondering. Praying that God will lead and guide your thoughts on specially your words on Sunday morning

  2. Those events stirred me up, too, Bill, but it did manifest in some extra prayers said. Using Joseph’s story to illustrate a dysfunctional family is perfect! I will be keeping you and Jo in prayers.

  3. cycleguy says:

    From Betty: Wow, this sermon will hit some in your congregation. It’s needed brother, our world is full of dysfunctional people, including me at times. It’s something I have to work on daily due to growing up that way, Ace and I both. Just yesterday we were sitting with a young missionary couple home due to family issues. As they talked it was all I could do to not punch Ace. It was like they were telling our stories…How I wished someone had walked along side of us during our early years, but this I know, it’s never ever too late with the Lord and He waste nothing.

  4. floyd says:

    I get choked up every time I read that story. The heartbreak he carried within him… and yet the mercy and love from God along with it. Talk about wisdom… Wow…

    Praying for you, brother.