Written by cycleguy on November 1st, 2019

Ever since 2009 the church I pastor has had a Day of Service (DoS). It is a day where we serve the community.  Our first one was humble in its efforts but very successful. We changed oil and did some light mechanical work as well as help people who were unable to get things done to their houses (prepare for winter, clean up after the flood, and more). We missed a year or two as we found our footing at our newly purchased building but eventually we “got it going” again. Then we saw the need to do two a year. We invited another church to join us and then two others. They fizzled out before they started but the first invite (The Connection) formed a great working relationship with us. The Spring DoS was cleaning up after winter’s havoc, preparing flowerbeds, and general maintenance. The Fall DoS involved the mechanical work on vehicles, cleaning gutters, as well as getting ready for winter. This year (2019) we had one in the Spring but had some unfinished work so OVCF took it upon ourselves to finish the two jobs that needed done.  Our last 2-3 efforts also involved the Owen County Chamber of Commerce.

All things change. After the two very tedious jobs this year which required a lot of man hours, I started feeling unsettled about asking our people to go to the well one more time. Then I studied for the first letter in Revelation-the letter to the church at Ephesus- where Jesus commended them for their hard work and service, but had one thing against them: they had left their first love. So I started praying and meditating on that and realized those words were very relevant to us. So during that sermon I told them my thoughts and that I was calling off the DoS (It was considered “my baby” by the others) for the Fall. I “felt” God was saying, “Bill, you guys have been so busy doing for Me, it is time to just be with me.”  So this Sunday we are having an afternoon of a Guided Prayer Time through different “stations” in our building. From 1-3:30 this place will truly be a Holy Place. My next post will tell you more about it.

But I decided to carry on with my initial sermon for that Sunday and to develop a whole month of sermons. My theme is “Servants” and my Scripture this Sunday is from Micah 6:6-8.  The Scripture tells us three items every follower of Christ (a servant) needs to have:

  • Do justice
  • Love mercy
  • Walk humbly with God

I would appreciate your prayers for me this weekend. I would especially love it if you would pray for the church as we meet. Learning to be a servant who does those three acts is absolutely essential.

I will be closing the sermon with this song.  Hope you enjoy it.


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  1. There it is again, Bill, my life verse – Micah 6:8! Yes, I will certainly be praying for you, Jo and the church as the congregation learns that it’s just as important to be with the Lord as it is to do for Him. All in balance! God will never fail us when we listen and heed.

  2. Ed says:

    God is always right! The first and foremost thing that He wants from us is companionship. It’s good that you took a DoS off. However, as you know there is still work to be done…lots of work. But Jesus still needs time with us!

  3. floyd says:

    I appreciate that you take the time to contemplate our Father’s heart and lesson in all circumstances, especially the church.

    Those three acts are sound and summed up well. I’m thinking of writing that out and hanging on the frig or my rearview mirror.

    • cycleguy says:

      I like your idea, Floyd, of writing out and hanging on the frig or mirror these essentials. How can you miss them? We go to the frig every day and look in the mirror more than we think.

  4. Lisa notes says:

    I love what you’re doing, Bill. It’s so important that we don’t forget that time with Jesus is the most important of all. Love him first; love others second. Can’t wait to hear how it went! I’m listening to Micah song now….

    • cycleguy says:

      Thanks Lisa. It is important and after the words to the church at Ephesus it struck me even more. Don’t want to be guilty of that. Hope you enjoyed the song.

  5. Pam says:

    It is always a good thing to reflect on our doing rather than just keep doing it because we always have. May your guided prayer time lead you in the direction God would have you go.