Written by cycleguy on October 18th, 2019

Have you ever heard the statement “If you are looking for the perfect church don’t go there. You will ruin it”? Even though blunt, it is true. People search around for the perfect church and so they church hop from one to another. Sad thing is: they will never find the perfect church because as soon as they join, it will become imperfect. Needless to say it always was, but you know how it is when we have blinders on.

To say the church at Philadelphia was perfect would, of course, be wrong. But to say they were spot on in their love and commitment would be on the money. There are two churches of the seven who received letters where nothing negative was said about them. Philadelphia was one of them.  It wasn’t perfect but it was God-honoring.

This postcard is filled with rich language. even deeper words to describe them. I am so excited to preach this sermon Sunday. I’ll give you a hint of 4 qualities they are commended for.

  1. “You have little power.”
  2. “You have kept my word.”
  3. “You have not denied my name.”
  4. “You have patient endurance.”

I plan to talk a little bit more about them Sunday.  Along with those admirable qualities, they are given some unprecedented opportunities. It will be fun preaching this week. But I most definitely want and need your prayers.  Thanks.


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  1. Amazing Bill, I’m praying about doing a sermon series on the churches in Revelation. This may be confirmation! Hope you’re doing well my brother!

    • cycleguy says:

      I am doing pretty well Jay. i recommend John Mac’s book “Christ’s Call to Reform the Church” as a good study aid. It was good to hear from you.

  2. No such thing as the perfect church – how could there be when they’re filled with imperfect folks?
    I’ll be praying, Bill!