Written by cycleguy on August 25th, 2019

It will seem strange to many of you who know me that I would actually write about social media. I have made no secret of the fact that I do not do Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the other “stuff” that is out there.  Years ago when Jo started up on FB to keep up with our daughters, I said something about maybe I ought to. She said, “No, you have your blog. I’ll do FB.” She was right about that. I do have this blog. Actually, now I have two. The other is called LivingintheShadow and it is a daily devotion I write.  And yes, you can subscribe!  Hint! Hint! 🙂  But as I’ve looked back and then observed all the junk going around, Jo was more prophetic than she dreamed.  While there were times I wished I was on FB and other social media, I now realize I’m not missing a thing. Not only do I spend enough time on my two blogs, I simply cannot imagine how much time I would be throwing away aimlessly gazing at a scrolling screen. I hear enough snarky, snide remarks made by other media and people that I can graciously plead innocence to when asked if I passed something along or if I saw this post or that comment. Please understand I am not against FB but the abuse of it (and certainly some of the restrictions they are imposing, especially on followers of Christ).

I’ve also noticed how much emphasis and self-worth is placed on the number of readers, tweeters, instagrammers (I know that is not a word), and other media counting efforts to know how many people put their significance on that number. UGH!  There are some who hit the despondency button if their post or tweet is not passed on or commented on by a certain number of people. And please don’t get me started on the amount of bullying and vicious remarks that are made which devastate people because of the faceless presence one can assume.

I get my fill of hearing or reading about celebrities with big mouths (please go ahead and do us all a favor and leave the country if you don’t like living here); who do outlandish things; brag about their exploits; etc. But we idolize them as though they have “the life.” The last I looked the life of the Christ-follower is much more significant than some celluloid hero who acts the part of a superhero but lives the life of a lost soul. I’m thinking the animated film Balto actually is a more accurate story of life on the screen than any Marvel Universe project ever is.

And while I am on this whole social media rant, what is this thing that children and adults are glued to their screens, even at a meal? Dudes (and dudettes) put the screens away. Look someone in the eye and talk to them. I have to admit that my job as a pastor keeps me near my phone but I silence it during a meal. If it rings and is not important it can either go to voice mail or I can text later. Only three people do I respond to: Jo, Tami and Janna. Braden is in school so I don’t have to worry, but if his or Jason’s name shows up I will answer it.

Maybe it is time we practice what Jim Elliott, the martyred missionary once said: “Wherever you are, be all there.” I wonder what he would say today to gadgets he would not even had dreamed about!

I’d like to hear what your thoughts are.


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  1. Bill, I definitely have a love/hate relationship with social media. While I’ve hung on to Facebook to share my blog, and the occasional ad for my books, I dropped Twitter ages ago, and have never even gotten on Instagram, nor do I plan to. Nothing gets under my skin more than when we go out to eat, and there are folks buried in their phone screens, not even making eye contact with each other. Bad addiction! Just like the old days when we didn’t allow television to be on during mealtime, the same should go for our phones. There! Rant complete!

    • cycleguy says:

      I’m glad that was your rant and not mine! Oh wait! Yours was a whole lot like mine. Glad I’m not standing in this alone Martha. I welcome someone else taking the stuff thrown. We can take it together. Thanks for the rant, I mean, comment. 🙂

  2. Pam says:

    To a great extent I echo your and Martha’s comments. But I do enjoy Facebook as a means of keeping in touch with relatives and friends I don’t see on a regular basis. Their posts and pictures tell what is going on in their lives and I can share in their joys and concerns.

    • cycleguy says:

      I am not against FB. I am against the abuse and obsessiveness some show. If it can be done correctly and not dominate time then I have no problems with it. I suspect you are one of those who can.

  3. floyd says:

    I like that quote! And man alive do we all need to practice it…

  4. I also enjoy facebook. I usually post a inspirational quote everyday, hardly ever put anything political on it. If it’s on there, Ace has put it there. Message on facebook is how most of our missionaries contact us for setting up appointments so we are keeping it. Someone told me the other day they, who ever they are is watching everything I post. I said, good, because they are seeing the name of Jesus a lot. I give about an hour a day to it. Same for my blog, an hour a day. Definitely do more face to face time daily, or phone conversations. I have a twitter account but do not use it. I usually put my blog post on my facebook wall, it gets read some. I have dropped a couple who rant and rave over things I am not interested in. I have been dropped by a few too, not sure why, maybe cause I rant and rave about Jesus. I made a bad mistake one time, lost a friend because of it, offended her. at first I thought about just getting off but did not, so glad I didn’t let her being offended be my Lord. I have a small box I stay in on my facebook site, my box is about as big for my blog. I am a controversial kind of personality but I chose to not be on these sites. I witness through facebook all the time on purpose through quotes, stories, blog post. It’s not evil, only some who use it are evil but some are just wanting to communicate. We have a few rules concerning the phones, my close friends know I am not attached to the hip to my phone. You meet with me, you turn off your phone is what they say about Betty. If their rings I have been known to ask if anyone is dying. so far no one has been. Have I misused all the tech stuff, of course, not perfect yet or ever will be till heaven. Hope you feel better after your rants, that’s what they are for. I will say, just let me say this once, I need to say this. Blessing brother.