Written by cycleguy on February 7th, 2020

Talk about worship and you are sure to get a bunch of different ideas. Some of our ideas will be determined by our generation. Some are determined by our likes and dislikes and preferences. The struggle was so intense several years ago they called it “the worship wars.” Imagine fighting over worship. But they did. It started with the music. Hymns were replaced by worship songs and choruses. Admittedly some of them were cheesy and mere fluff and extremely repetitive. The battle intensified when the whole seeker-sensitive approach hit the fan. Preaching was replaced by “talks” and drama. Worship music was replaced by pop songs and shallow songs pushing horizontal type of worship. There was more “me” than there was “Him” in our singing.

But IMHO that all missed the mark of what should be our focus: the worship and majesty of the Holy One, Jesus. God the Father and God the Son. (I’m not into worship of the Holy Spirit since the Bible tells us His purpose is to bring glory to Jesus). A church that worships is a church that is pleasing to God. Not for the purpose of self but for the purpose of lifting up and glorifying the only One worthy of it.

John MacArthur calls worship the ultimate priority. Chuck Swindoll calls it the irreplaceable priority. In other words, it is important and cannot be downplayed. That is the topic of my sermon this Sunday as I continue my series on Faithful. I’ve titled it Glorify Whom? My prayer is to lead us into a higher view of worship this Sunday. I’d sure appreciate your prayers.


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  1. “A higher view of worship . . .”
    I’ll be praying, Bill!

  2. Pam says:

    Great insights, Bill! Praying for your Sunday inspiration!

  3. I agree with what you say and will pray for you. Sometimes the choir in our church sounds like cats being strangled. I bet God reaches for the headache tablets when they sing.

    I have responded on my Blog to your comment with which I agree.

    God bless.

  4. Linda Stoll says:

    I’m craving worship in this season … truth is that I’m loving God more than ever and all allowing Him to carry me.

    There’s no better place to be …

  5. floyd says:

    It’s kind of sickening how worship of the Worthy is replaced by worship of the senses… or humanism…

    Praying for you, brother.

  6. I have been sickened also by the “worship” war, especially since it usually involves music. My best worship time is when I can’t sleep and I turn music on, southern gospel of course, turn out the lights and just let the words turn my heart upside down. Another favorite time of worship is watching some older women in our church who are way past the age of strength but they love to love on others. They never fail to give out hugs. Just today, one, JoAnne gave me the hardest longest hug and I so needed it. Of course she did not know my struggle. I said to her when she started to relax the hug, oh don’t let go of me, I need your strength. God put an extra hug in her and I got it full force. I feel it still as I type this comment. I can’t wait for hugs from Jesus, I want to sit on His lap like a little girl and soak in His smell, strength, His looks, His blessings, grace and love that flows from Him. All that flowed from JoAnne today to me, I am so thankful for those who truly know what real worship is, it’s something we give, not take. I have sang with groups before that lived for the applause, I have friends who give because it makes them feel good, which is not necessary bad, but when anytime we do for ourselves it’s not worship. Worship is something I get a whisper of occasionally, usually brought about by music, a story, a touch that could only come from Him because I can’t explain it. When it comes I want to fall on my knees and when I am alone I do often…can’t wait till this flesh pride if gone, when we all fall before Him without a thought of anyone by Him. Discernment and knowing the Word is key in understanding worship. What stands out to me more than anything is how much God worships us. He created us in His image and He loves us unconditionally which is the heart of worship, not how much I love Him. Well brother you brought a lot to my mind as I read your post, it seem to flow with ease. Thank you for giving those sitting under your preaching words of truth with humbleness.

  7. Opps, sorry Floyd, I commented on your comment by accident. Bill, just excuse this old women who makes more mistakes as the years go by. You two are gracious enough to understand. I will listen to the sermon this week. It’s a touchy subject which tells you how much the devil hates it. He just wants us to worship anything, anyone but Jesus.